ENECOs SparWARP Wind Machine

The Spar-WARP™ wind machine developed by ENECO can produce and store clean, safe electricity offshore anywhere that there is sufficient wind of between 13 to 17 mph.

Muiti-MW WARP™ Windpower Systems

Economic Wind power with Fuel Cell Option for Clean On-Demand Power




Electric Power Line to Shore


• Wind Amplified Turbines

• Shipyard Build-Up & Float to Site

• Operate in Any Depth Water

• High Availability

Electric Power Line to Shore

US a. Fofeign Patent» Issued c -mail: eneco wfndQaoi com

Figure 6-34: The Spar-WARP™ Wind Machine

Graphic © ENECO, used with permission

This outstanding example of a commercially viable source of renewable energy has the ability to store the power it generates as hydrogen gas. The WARP, which stands for Wind Amplified Rotor Platform, is designed to further amplify wind that it receives by a factor of 50 to 80 percent! Without the conventional propeller blades the multi-tiered donut-like rotors create a spinning effect that produces this amplification. There are many potential applications for ENECO's patented Spar-WARP™ technology, including powering offshore platforms directly as well as providing onshore power with a cable between it and the shoreline.

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