Example Program Plot Itbs

V In your BASIC Stamp Editor, open Template2.5.bs2, if it is not already open.

V Select File, then Save As. Rename the file PlotIt.bs2.

V Update the comments at the beginning of the program to read:

' Experiments with Renewable Energy v1.0 - PlotIt.bs2 ' Transmits acquired data to StampPlot software for plotting.

V Next, enter the variables that will be needed by the Plot_It subroutine into the Declarations section so it reads like this:


' Declarations

For Plot It Subroutine




'Voltage reading from A/D CH0




'Voltage reading from A/D CH1




'Voltage reading from A/D CH2




'Voltage reading from A/D CH3




'Sum of all of above readings

The ch0, ch1, ch2 and ch3 variables (which stand for Channel 0 through Channel 3) will be storing 8-bit A/D converted voltage values gathered from the experiments. That's why we specified a byte (8 bits) for variable storage. As a double check against the other four values, the StampPlot software uses the checkSum variable, which is also a byte.

V Now add the Plot_It subroutine code under the appropriate heading of the Subroutines section, so it reads as follows:

Plot Acquired Data Using StampPlot Software


checkSum = ch0 + ch1 + ch2 + ch3 DEBUG ch0, ch1, ch2, ch3, checkSum PAUSE 250

Compute checksum for StampPlot Transmit data to StampPlot Give StampPlot time to plot data ch0 = 0 ch1 = 0 ch2 = 0 ch3 = 0 checkSum = 0

Plot_It_End: RETURN

Reset voltages and checkSum

V From the menu bar, choose File and then Save to preserve your work.

V Load the file into the BASIC Stamp module by clicking on the Run icon in the BASIC Stamp Editor, or by pressing Ctrl-R.

Notice that the Debug Terminal pops up, and that its green RX LED flashes four times a second, or once every 250 ms, as programmed. The flashing RX LED shows you that the program is loaded and that your BASIC Stamp module is communicating with your PC.

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