Heat Is The Enemy of Batteries

A NiCad battery stored, used, or charged under high temperature conditions will die an early death. Heat causes the separator to weaken, the seals to weaken, and greatly accelerates changes in the plate material, some of which cause the dreaded memory effect (explained below). Even though the cells may not vent, the heat by-product is wearing down the cells. Specifically, hydrolysis or degradation of the separator material, usually polyamide, is greatly accelerated at high temperatures. This leads to premature cell failure.

Rechargeable Battery Care

DON'T deliberately discharge the batteries to zero volts.


DON'T leave the cells on trickle charge for long periods of time.

DON'T overcharge the cells.

DO let the cells discharge to 1.0V/cell on occasion through normal use.

DO protect the cells from high temperature both in charging and storage.

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