Industry Organizations Involved in Power Electronic Systems

While the CPES Universities, and others like them, deal with cutting-edge research and development in Power Electronics, it takes the engineering and manufacturing skills of many commercial companies to put their research into practice. One organization that is at the forefront of representing these manufacturers is the Power Sources Manufacturers Association, or PSMA. The PSMA represents over 125 manufacturers within the Power Electronics area and co-hosts the annual APEC (Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exhibition) trade show where vendors can highlight their latest commercial offerings to interested companies and engineers.

The PSMA also hosts many student-oriented programs with an emphasis on learning about Power Electronics. In 2002 the PSMA sponsored its first annual Power Education Award to recognize organizations that promote Power Electronics in Kindergarten through Undergraduate levels. LearnOnLine, Inc. and the principal author of this book were honored to receive this prestigious award for REEL Power - a K-12 Renewable Energy Education Lab project. It is heartening to know that organizations like the PSMA are reaching out to students at every grade level to make them aware of the opportunities and challenges involved in the Power Electronics field.

You can learn more about the PSMA by visiting their web site at

You can also learn more about REEL Power by going to Appendix G - LearnOnLine's REEL Power Project.

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