Other Plot Control Buttons

Stop and Shift: l®M

Using Stop: When the plot reaches the maximum time on the plot, the Plot button will go-up stopping the plotting of new data.

Using Shift: When the plot reaches the maximum time the plot will shift to the left and display the new data being plotted.

Adjusting the Plot Scale: +HQ|0| +HQ|E

The first set of four buttons is used to adjust the Y-axis (analog value) scales: + Double scale. - Half scale. ▲ Shift scale up. ▼ Shift scale down.

Pressing CTRL-A will auto adjust the scales for the plotted minimum and maximum scales. Pressing CTRL-L will shift into/out-of logarithmic Y scales.

The second set of arrows is used to adjust the X-axis (time) in a similar manner. Pressing CNTL-R will change the X-axis to show time in Real-Time - time of day and date.

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