Parts Required

A/D Converter circuit plus.

(6) 1N4148 diodes

(1) 1 kQ resistors

(1) Fully constructed wind turbine

(1) Table fan (optional, not supplied)

The complete circuit is shown in Figure 6-9 and Figure 6-10. The 3 coils are wired in a Wye arrangement. Each phase is directly connected to a channel on the A/D converter. Each phase is also connected to the three phase full wave rectifier circuit. The rectified output is wired to CH0 on the A/D converter. We've also placed a 1 kQ load resistor across the rectified output to better stabilize the generated voltages.

V Remove all but the A/D converter circuit from your board.

V Build the circuit shown in Figure 6-9 and Figure 6-10.

V Double-check your wiring before moving on - this is a complex circuit!

Figure 6-9: Three-Phase Wye Schematic
Figure 6-10: Three-Pha se Wye Wiring Diagram
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