Plotting Digital Values

By beginning a line with % StampPlot will plot the binary digits - bits (1's and 0's) as digital traces. The ibin debug modifier is typically used since this will send the values as binary values starting with %. For example

DEBUG IBIN8 129, CR will display

%10000001 V Enter and run the following program.

'Plotting 8 binary values val VAR Byte

'Plotting 8 binary values val VAR Byte


FOR val

= 0 TO 255


IBIN8 val, CR





V Close the Debug Terminal in the BASIC Stamp Editor.

V Connect in StampPlot and view the signals.

The ibin8 modifier caused the BASIC Stamp module to send the data with 8 positions. It is very important that the same number of bits is sent consistently and ends with a carriage return.

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