Saving Plots and Snapshots

Saving a plot is saving the configuration of the plot and the current data points and messages in the message window. A plot may then be reopened and analyzed. If data flushing is on only current data in the data points will be saved for the plot. By clicking the File save button a directory and file save choice will open. By default saved files are to the data directory. !SAVP filename

StampPlot can also save a jpg image of the plot, a snapshot, by clicking the camera. The image is saved to the data directory and appended with the date and time.

SNAP filename

Plot files and snapshot saves can be configured to be automatically saved also. !ASAV ON !ASNP ON

There are choices to perform these when the data points are at maximum ( !MAXP ) or when the plot reaches the maximum time before shifting ( !MAXT ).

The date and time are automatically appended to the file names unless disabled !APDT OFF

By default only the plot area information is saved as a file or a snapshot. The entire form, including controls, may be saved by enabling the choice under the File menu or using the instruction.


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