Section Plotting Analog Values with Binary Values

Data is sent as 1's and 0's represented by different voltage levels from the BASIC Stamp module to the computer. Occasionally a glitch may occur causing perhaps the number 100 to be 300 just because 1 bit (1 or 0) out of 24 was in error (each character in the number 100 is represented by 1 byte which is 8 bits, giving 24 bits for 3 characters). This doesn't happen often (hopefully!) but when it does it can cause problems if you are performing important data collection.

StampPlot provides for the means to use each byte as a unique value and a process called Checksum to verify the integrity of the data. One byte may represent a value between 0 and 255.

We will test this with 3 analog values to be plotted with checksum verification. The first step is to configure StampPlot to use data in this format.

V Under the Configuration Window, Data Tab, select:

• Use Checksum must be checked.

V OR, use StampPlot control instructions in the CLI.

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