Summary And Applications

The application of three-phase power began in the late 19th Century with power plants being one of the first adopters of this new technology.

Figure 6-22: The Mill Creek Hydroelectric Plant Photo courtesy Southern California Edison

Built by the Redlands Electric Light and Power Company located in Redlands, California, the Mill Creek hydroelectric generating plant began operating on 7 September 1893. It was the first commercial use of three-phase alternating current generators in the United States. The power from this 250 kW generator was transmitted 7.5 miles to the city of Redlands at 2400 Volts. The electricity was used for both lighting for the city of Redlands and a nearby icehouse. The people of Redlands enthusiastically welcomed the

new energy source and within 2% years an additional generator had to be installed to accommodate the growing demand.

Before the Mill Creek No.1 Power House was built, the generation of electricity had generally been by DC (direct current) generators, which meant that there were limitations on how far electricity could be delivered. On the other hand, the San Antonio Canyon Powerhouse used 1-phase AC (alternating current) sources. Single-phase motors of this era required elaborate means to start and synchronize the motors. The success of the three-phase generators at the Mill Creek No. 1 was apparent, for these original generators were used until 1934. Although the original units have been replaced, this plant is still in operation to this day. Today, more than 100 years after Mill Creek's completion, three-phase generators are still the primary form of power generation around the world.

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