Scientific Dilemma

There would seem to be a sufficient abundance of techniques, devices, processes, and theoretical works to impel a crash project in the scientific community to develop successful overunity electrical power systems {43a-43d}. This would be especially appropriate at this time, since the

21 Kondepudi and Prigogine, ibid., p. 459 already point out that strong gradients produce situations that violate present thermodynamics. Research in these and other situations violating present thermodynamics is going forward under the caption of "extended thermodynamics" research. A discussion of the area is given by D. Jou, Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1996.

escalating energy crisis now threatens to slow the world economy, and then eventually collapse it. At this writing, the MidEast has heated considerably, and appears headed for another MidEast war, with resulting severe interruptions of cheap oil supplies from the MidEast. Nonetheless, in spite of Russia having opened its oil field spigots to try to fill the need, a crisis in oil appears to be looming.

So why does the U.S. scientific community still so adamantly oppose the very notion of Maxwellian systems freely extracting EM energy from the vacuum? Why is there no outcry pointing out what the hoary old Lorentz regauging really means in terms of equilibrium or disequilibrium of the regauged system with the active vacuum? The unequivocal participation of the vacuum in a continuous energy exchange with the charges and dipoles of every EM system has long been affirmed by particle physics. All the fields and potentials — and their energy — manipulated in any EM circuit come from the vacuum, as proven in particle physics for 45 years. Why have our electrical scientists not understood — from the broken symmetry of the vacuum exchange with the opposite charges of the source dipole between the charged terminals of every generator and battery — that EM energy from the vacuum powers, and has always powered, every electrical power system and circuit ever built? Why have the later rigorous broken symmetry findings of particle physics not been incorporated to update the ancient classical EM theory used to design and build electrical power systems, nearly a half-century after those broken symmetries were discovered and proven? Why do our classical electrodynamicists continue to assume that every charge and dipole in the universe is a perpetual motion machine, freely creating energy out of nothing and pouring it out across all space at the speed of light?

Therein lies one of the real problems of present science — its historical and continuing resistance to "out-of-the-box" thinking22 and to research that overcomes conventional strictures. More than 40 years after the basis for the vacuum-energy powering of every dipolar system (and of every

22 "Out-of-the-box" thinking is a widely used concept among planners and program formulators, when conventional thinking will not suffice to solve a major problem with which they are struggling. Conventional thinking is considered "in the box" thinking, so by demanding out-of-the-box thinking, a problem demands an unconventional solution outside those normally proposed. In short, some new thoughts and concepts are required. Much lip service is given to the concept as a favored buzzword, but few proposed programs with truly "out of the box" approaches will be funded. In the energy field, none at all are funded that are truly "out of the box", whether or not that or similar phraseology is used.

observable charge once its clustering virtual charges of opposite sign are accounted) was discovered and proven in particle physics, all our university electrical engineering departments continue to erroneously teach that the shaft energy input to the generator powers its external circuit. Internal EM energy in the generator, transduced from the input shaft energy, does not directly add a single watt to the external circuit. Instead, it only continually forces the generator's internal charges apart, to continually remake the source dipole, which then extracts energy from the vacuum and pours it out of the terminals, filling the space surrounding the conductors of the external system for the system to intercept and utilize some of the available external energy flow.

Once the dipole is established, it will extract and transduce EM energy from the vacuum and pour it out in all directions at the speed of light, without ceasing. Else, the Nobel Committee should admit its grave error and revoke the Nobel Prize awarded to Lee and Yang. Real observable EM energy extracted and transduced from the vacuum's virtual energy is precisely what the "broken symmetry of the opposite charges" on the ends of the dipole means. Indeed, all the forces of nature are already considered as generated by the interaction of virtual particles with observed particles. Since force produces energy changes in the system affected, then it follows directly that energy changes are produced by the interaction of virtual particles with observable particles.

However, our power system engineers ubiquitously use the closed current loop circuit. This inane circuit self-enforces the Lorentz symmetrical regauging condition. It uses half the energy captured by the external circuit (from intercepting some of that "energy flowing around the circuit from the seething vacuum" that is copiously pouring out of the generator terminals) to ram the spent electrons back through the back emf of the source dipole itself. That scatters the dipole charges and kills the dipole and its broken symmetry — and also kills the free flow of transduced EM energy from the vacuum.

That insane circuit kills the source dipole in the generator faster than it powers its external loads! So one has to keep rotating the shaft of the generator, to keep producing a magnetic field inside the generator, so that this magnetic field energy can continue to force the charges back apart and continually reform the source dipole.

In short, our engineers build the equivalent of an electrical windmill, then — so to speak — force it into a closed barn so the environmental wind

cannot reach it any longer. It is little wonder that we ourselves then have to do work on that "electrical windmill" to crank it around!

We pay the power company to engage in a giant wrestling match inside its own generator and lose. We also wildly pollute the planet with hydrocarbon and nuclear wastes, poison species (including killing of X numbers of humans every year via the disruption of their body functions and health), and enhance global warming. We are slowly strangling our biosphere and ourselves. None of that is necessary.

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