Solution to the Hole Current Problem and Close Looping

Bedini and the present researcher have filed a patent application {582} on the above special capacitive process to convert or transduce the detrimental Dirac sea hole current reaching the system's input section into electron current, and put it to use in powering the system. This transduction process receives the hole current as a special potential, then regauges the "negative energy" potential into a "positive energy" potential. This regauging is accomplished by charging the capacitor with Dirac hole current and then discharging electron current from it. The transformed positive energy potential is then applied to the Drude electrons, producing an ordinary electron current in the input that can be used to power the system itself. If sufficient excess positive electron current is provided, then the system can "feed itself in self-powering mode and also feed power back into the main power supply line.

When conversion of the arriving hole current in the input section produces an output "positive energy" electron current equal to the system's normal power needs (Kron's condition), the external power supply can be disconnected and the system will remain powered by the steadily converted negative hole current arriving in the input section.

0ur patent-pending process allows this otherwise devastating special form of "negative energy feedback" to be converted into "positive energy feedback", allowing the system to be close-looped successfully for self-powering of the system and its load. Regulators of the transduction process may be added to cover the situation when the load is erratic and changing.

At Magnetic Energy Ltd., we have also filed a patent application for an outrigger method of close-looping a COP>1.0 system, which greatly eases the problem. This method is covered in Paragraph 9-14 below.

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