This book is dedicated to those lone researchers and stalwart inventors who have succeeded in building working model COP>1.0 electrical systems in the face of overwhelming odds and strong scientific opposition. We particularly mention Gabriel Kron , T. Henry Moray, John Bedini, Jim Watson, Ed Gray, Frank Golden, Floyd Sweet, Howard Johnson, Ken Shoulders, Bill Fogal, the Correas, and Teruo Kawai. There are quite a few others, of course, and no slight is intended by not listing all their names.

Also, I particularly acknowledge the contributions of my long-suffering close colleagues Dr. Lee Kenny, Dr. Jim Hayes, Ken Moore, and Steve Patrick, whose efforts on the bench have produced the working motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG) experiments as well as several variants. Our first MEG patent was issued in April 2002 and a second patent application has been filed. The MEG represents the first practical macroscopic application of the geometric phase (extended Aharonov-Bohm effect) for EM power systems. I particularly thank Lt. Col. (Retired) Ken Moore for watching my back and keeping me alive. I'm also grateful to both Dr. Fred Wood Sr. and Dr. Fred Wood Jr. for their personal support, action, and encouragement. I particularly acknowledge more than two decades of close cooperation and work with John Bedini, who is one of the most creative inventors on this planet; nearly a decade of work with Floyd Sweet and his vacuum triode amplifier; more than a decade of work with Frank Golden in COP>1.0 motors and uncurled A-potential communication systems; and a special thanks to Don Jensen for his important contributions and work in special combustion systems. Working with these inventors, I was able to physically examine working COP>1.0 power system prototypes and also experience and study the novel phenomenology that results in such systems.

With deep appreciation I acknowledge the kind assistance and helpful critiques of Dr. Myron W. Evans and other members of the Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study (AIAS) such as Alex Labounsky, Alain Beaulieu, and Bob Flower. Dr. Evans encouraged me to write down the basic concepts of the theory of permissible COP>1.0 Maxwellian systems I have been working on for three decades. This book is the result of that effort.

A special note of thanks goes to Dr. Dave Hamilton of the Department of Energy, who oversees a DoE restricted website provided for the important ongoing scientific work and drafts of the AIAS. On that site, now there are more than 100 AIAS papers, many of them dealing with EM energy from the vacuum in rigorous fashion. Many ofthese AIAS draft papers have been published in leading journals such as Foundations ofPhysics Letters, Physica Scripta, Optik, etc. This is an invaluable scientific effort that clearly establishes the importance and potential for extracting copious EM energy directly from the active vacuum. It also extends the present U(l) electrodynamics to the much more extensive O(3) group symmetry electrodynamics, in which such things as I discuss in this book can indeed be accomplished on the bench and mathematically modeled.

The outstanding work and encouragement of Dr. Hal Fox and Dr. Eugene Mallove are particularly recognized, and I am grateful to them for their continued publication of important information and developments in cold fusion and the entire field of anomalous energy systems. I am also grateful to Dr. Robert Flower for his cogent explanations of some tough issues and points in quantum field theory that were beyond my ken before his explanation. Dr. Hal Puthoff introduced me to his cosmological feedback mechanism, and I am grateful for his important work with his colleagues in the areas of inertia, permissible thermodynamic extraction of energy from the vacuum, and possible mechanisms of antigravity.

A special thanks goes to Tim Ventura and to Jeffrey Cameron and the engineers of Transdimensional Technologies, Inc. for their courtesy and demonstrations of Transdimensional's successful lifter and rotary devices, and for an introduction to the field of inertial propulsion and antigravity now ongoing under the NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP) research program.

To Marcia Stockton I owe very special thanks indeed for her tireless efforts in reading and proofing the manuscript and translating the graphics. Also, I am much indebted to Michael Anderson for the art direction, and to Tony Craddock for making it possible. I am deeply grateful to Tony for his unfailing encouragement and support, and for operating and maintaining my website I also deeply appreciate the continued contributions of Mike Rieker, of Network Innovations, who furnishes the website pro bono. A special thanks also goes to Dr. Steve Greer, who gave my wife and I great assistance and personal uplift at a time of personal tragedy. Dr. Greer has also now taken up the effort to develop and deploy practical electrical power systems, freely taking their EM energy from the vacuum.

Stalwart modern researchers in the overunity movement such as Jerry Decker and Walter Rosenthal are particularly to be commended for both their work, assistance to others, and their communication of work in the field. I am much indebted to Walt for furnishing the pictures of the closed-loop Sweet vacuum triode amplifier used in this book.

To Jean-Louis Naudin, I also am very grateful for his extraordinary experimental work and extensive publication of valuable information, his personal replication of a variety of systems, and his kind permission to use several illustrations in the book. His important website,, is a cornucopia of information, experiments, and results in this entire area, with important links to many other appropriate web sites.

Also, to more than a dozen special persons — including those now passed on such as Glenn Foster and R. J. Reynolds III — who encouraged and supported these efforts through the years, I am very grateful. Throughout the years their kind words and friendship have made a very great difference to me personally and professionally, and they still do.

Finally and most importantly, I acknowledge the continuing and unwavering support of my dear wife, Doris, without whose encouragement and tolerance this work could never have been accomplished. She made all these long years of seven-day weeks and 18-hour days possible and humanly bearable. Without her, this book simply could not have been written.


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