Aharonov Bohm Geometric Phase Effect

The Aharonov-Bohm (AB) {473} effect, or geometric phase (GP) {477, 480} effect, is now well known {467} in quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics, but does not exist in classical electrodynamics. The effect proves the reality of the potentials and their primacy over the fields. Further, it shows that electron effects can be generated by the magnetic vector potential A even in the absence of the magnetic field B.

Figure 7-4 Aharonov Bohm effect for a tightly wound toroidal coil.

According to Feynman {468}, it required 25 years for quantum physicists to clearly face the issue eventually pointed out in 1959 by Aharonov and Bohm of the primacy and separate action of the force-field-free potential, in regions where no force fields were present (Figure 7-4) {469}. After the effect was experimentally demonstrated by Chambers {474} in 1960, it then required another 25 years before physicists would accept it. Even today, another 16 years after full acceptance in 1986, to our knowledge the Aharonov-Bohm effect has not previously been utilized in any practical electrical power system {470}, much less one that has a COP>1.0. As Aleksiejunas198 states (see his quotation at the beginning of this chapter), there have not previously been any widely recognized practical applications of the geometric phase. Now there is a practical application of major worldwide importance, since the operation of the MEG depends upon the geometric phase (Aharonov-Bohm) effect to produce real electrical power from the active vacuum itself.

We also believe that the curl-free potential may not have been adequately investigated, particularly along the lines of its utilization in the MEG.

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