Bedinis Flux Path Switching with Energy Capture

One additional embodiment of the Bedini flux path switching motor is shown in Figure 6-32. Here the entire flux path is switched, by moving a small coil on the bottom side of the material flux path, as shown in the figure. As Radus showed {454}, it turns out that a much weaker magnetic field in that left bottom position will switch the flux path of a powerful permanent magnet field at the left top of the path, as shown.

Now, however, Bedini adds a transformer coil around the right end of the core (the right end of the extension is still the stator pole in the magnetic motor diagrammatically shown in Figure 6-32). When the flux path is switched back and forth, this transformer coil produces an AC signal output, which can power a load as shown, and can even be used to power the switching power supply. The trick is that it requires less energy to make the vertical flux path preferable to the horizontal flux path, than the energy delivered into the flux path by the permanent magnet. The potential for self-powering of a sufficiently efficient magnetic motor is obvious.

Bedini Circuit
Figure 6-32 Bedini's total path switching and energy recovery process in a transformer.

So the motor can be powered while simultaneously acting as a partial generator. For efficient switching, this motor/generator can in theory develop COP>1.0 and can even be made close-looped and self-powering. We strongly accent that the primary excess energy input to the system is from the vacuum itself, via the broken symmetry of the large permanent magnet dipole at the left top of the material flux path. As we have repeatedly stated, the only energy problem is how to capture and utilize the EM energy freely received, transduced, and poured out from the vacuum by the source dipole's broken symmetry, without using half of it to destroy the source dipole.

Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

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