Dark Positive Energy The Unaccounted Heaviside Component

Now we restate a deceptively hidden thing: The EM field and potential are defined as the observed effect of the deviation from them by an assumed unit point charge. Then that same field and potential are assumed to be in mass-free space, before the interaction with charged matter. Hence the

88 Using the U.S. as an example, the U.S. classified community is highly compartmented, and the real "organization" of a given compartment often consists of laterally connected "same clearance" compartments in multiple outside agencies rather than vertical chain of command through one agency. We accent that some highly compartmented "lateral" classified organizations in the West and elsewhere already have working COP>1.0 systems, and have had them for several decades. Some of these laterals in the U.S. are very dedicated to the duly elected government of the United States, with good national security reasons for the fact that they "officially do not exist". Some are not so dedicated at all, and have their own agendas having little if anything to do with official U.S. government policy. These latter "rogue" laterals often have convenient connections with outside shadowy groups of the High Cabal (Churchill's phrase). A similar situation exists in several other major foreign nations. Substantial electrodynamic technology has been developed (and weaponized) for decades, in secret, and this technology does not appear in the open news, the university texts, or the scientific journals. Such is the case for COP>1.0 EM power systems, which have actually existed in secret for decades.

field and potential have each been defined erroneously as both a cause and an effect. This is a gross non sequitur. There is also a total lack of accounting that all EM energy in 3-space comes from the time domain. There is no consideration that every dipolarity and every charge represents a giant circulation of EM energy between time and 3-space. In ensemble, this non sequitur and these omissions are responsible for most of the present formidable foundations problems in electrodynamics.

We submit the following new hypothesis: The present "definition" of field andpotential as a function of interception and divergence by a unit point static charge are only indications of their point intensity, obtained as an estimate after their observed interaction with a unit point static charge.89 Thus the actual field andpotential contain not only their Poynting components that interact with the unit point charge, but also their Heaviside nondiverged components that do not interact with it. The true "magnitudes" of the massless field and potential prior to interaction with charged mass are many orders of magnitude greater than the magnitudes oftheir standardizedpoint intensities {215}.

In short, we propose that every field andpotential, in its interaction with charged mass, produces not only the accounted energy aspects presently calculated by electrodynamicists and astrophysicists, but also contains Heaviside's vast unaccounted "da^rkpositive energy" component presently discarded. We further propose that this ubiquitous and unaccounted "dark positive EM energy" component in the interactions of the fields and potentials of the spiral galaxies is what is producing the excess gravity that is holding the spiral arms together. We specifically do this in honor of Heaviside, whose unpublished papers clearly establish that he recognized the overwhelming gravitational importance of his extra and unaccounted energy flow component {172a, 172b, 196}.

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