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Figure 6-34 shows an example of an eddy current multiplier, adapted from Burke {455}. This is given as a somewhat unusual system which may exhibit novel effects and possibly can be adapted into a COP>1.0 system (e.g., by using permanent magnets instead of the coils and triggering things into unbalanced condition using a rotary pulse wire generator. We simply list it here as a candidate for the experimenter.



Eddy Currents Hard Iron
Figure 6-34 Eddy current multiplier.

In Figure 6-34, the shaft of the conducting disk is connected to a rotor, which could have arrangements for rotary type of Wiegand pulse generator of Figure 6-29 (with self-initiation and self-recovery) around it (not shown in Figure 6-29). One would start the rotating disk by hand. These Wiegand sensors would then automatically and repeatedly deliver a series of electric pulses to the coils, momentarily generating the two eddy currents shown, so that dynamic force and rotary acceleration is obtained during the endurance of the pulses. In short, one would "electrically kick" the coils so that they continually deliver a propulsive "magnetic kick" to the conducting disk to repeatedly generate eddy currents to rotate it. The rotor is powered as shown by the interactions of the two unbalanced induced eddy currents. Such an arrangement could possibly exhibit COP>1.0.

To experiment with such an apparatus, the major parts that must be developed are (i) the rotor and coils arrangement (the motor), (ii) the integrated rotary Wiegand effect pulse generator with self-recovery, and (iii) the proper timing arrangement. Each should be developed and optimized individually in the researcher's experiments, then combined and optimized together. This is an experimental area that can be cheaply investigated, e.g., by a college student or high school student for a science project. Whether COP>1.0 is achievable or not depends upon the efficiencies that can be obtained with the various processes involved. It is possible, at least in theory, for such an arrangement to be self-rotating once rotary motion is underway.


In this chapter we have advanced many approaches to COP>1.0 systems, that have been tried or considered by various inventors and researchers in the field. Many of these experimenters have attained concrete, replicable results, including results published in the hard literature.

We hope this sampling shows the reader that indeed we can have "self-powering" electrical power systems and COP>1.0 electrical power systems whenever the scientific community will come out of its preoccupation with the present seriously restricted electrodynamics and electrical power engineering practice and fund the necessary research. Simply funding a few graduate students for research and doctoral theses in these areas would be very useful and immensely more productive for electrical energy purposes than all the billions and years spent on chasing hot fusion.

Hopefully the iron dogma of the scientific community against COP>1.0 electrical power systems is slowly changing. If so, and if the community will turn loose those sharp young graduate students and post-doctoral scientists on the problem, very shortly there will no longer be an electrical energy problem on Earth, ever again. We strongly refer the reader to Deffeyes' book {456} to rigorously validate the coming increase of the price of oil, in the middle of the present decade. See particularly the quotation from Deffeyes in our Endnote {342}. With the present extreme volatility of the MidEast and the continuing war on terrorism, the probability is high of eventual severe disruption of oil supplies and the energy infrastructure of the U.S.

An independent review of Deffeyes' book is given by Young {457} and we recommend that the reader digest that commentary also.

If the scientific community will fund the necessary research on permissible COP>1.0 Maxwellian systems, the quick results will solve the energy crisis, clean up the biosphere — including much cleaner air in our cities for the populace to breathe — provide cleaner streams, and result in far less polluted oceans. It will stop the pollution-caused destruction of species, and dramatically reduce the hydrocarbon combustion contributions to global warming. There will no longer be a necessity to consider "burying" in the bottom of the sea the excess CO2 from massive hydrocarbon combustion to provide the much-needed electrical power, because it will no longer be necessary to burn the oil, coal, and gas to get the power. And there will no longer be any necessity for expensive and highly vulnerable nuclear power plants with their resulting nuclear wastes that will remain radioactive for thousands of years.

If cheap, clean EM energy from the vacuum is rapidly developed, we may finally get the scientific community's head wrenched back out of the big nuclear power business, as a colossal waste of research manpower and taxpayer dollars — as well as providing ticking time-bombs for the terrorist teams now already in the United States to attack and destroy. It is so easy for a person with appropriate technical knowledge to build a portable electromagnetic pulse (EMP) "shooter" that one shudders at the consequences of in-country terrorist teams that can do so. Try imagining what we would face when the electronic controls of one or more operating nuclear power plants are suddenly disabled and destroyed with the reactor on line and providing power. Chernobyl might look like a mild spring breeze in comparison, should we have one or more actual meltdowns.

It is not a pleasant consequence to contemplate, and that alone may eventually dictate the overwhelming urgency of achieving decentralized, vacuum-energy-powered electrical power systems as soon as humanly possible. The present centralized, cumbersome energy infrastructure is vulnerable beyond all sanity, considering the thousands of terrorists already in country, with weapons of mass destruction as well as more conventional sabotage means. As a single example, the former Soviet Union clandestinely brought in nuclear weapons into the U.S., and

Spetznaz teams to detonate them on order. Such weapons (and teams) are already in large U.S. cities and population centers. The reader is referred to Lunev's book,197 for details about how the nuclear weapons were introduced.

After all, we do have to live and survive in the real world, and notjust in an idealistic scientific environment. We are already at war, with alerts of potential danger to our nuclear power plants already having been given on several occasions. In the present very disorderly and very dangerous world we live in, many of the former options we have had for decades are rapidly ending. That includes the option for the leaders of the scientific community to continue "business as usual", if they wish this nation and their own families to survive. There is an old adage in war: Whatever your determined enemy can do to hurt you desperately, he will do as his highest priority. Sadly, in my opinion the leaders of the scientific community — unwittingly — are presently doing almost everything they can do to insure that the energy infrastructure goes, the national economy goes, a nuclear meltdown possibly occurs, and this nation and much of civilization perishes in a new dark ages.

197 Stanislav Lunev (with Ira Winkler), Through the Eyes of the Enemy, Regnery, Washington, 1998. Lunev is the highest ranking GRU defector. He is a former Colonel in the GRU, the military counterpart of the KGB. On p. 22-33, he summarizes the Spetznaz capabilities. On p. 22-27, he summarizes Spetznaz use of nuclear weapons already on American soil. On p. 26, he gives some of the ways in which the Soviets easily brought nuclear weapons into the U.S. On p. 30 he confirms Russian seismic weapons. Use of EMP weapons is on p. 30-31. Use of very, very low frequency weapons to destroy the human brain, put people into a zombie-like state, and aid in brainwashing is confirmed on p. 31. The present war on terrorism has many more facets than are presented by the conventional news media.

Just as the dinosaurs were confronted with a new and dangerous threat, and failed to adapt, the electrical power infrastructure is now confronted with a potent threat against its very vitals and — so far — is completely failing to adapt. It is going to have to adapt or perish, which presently implies that we all perish along with it. Those who make it their nefarious business to see to it, will see to it.

So let us "see to it" first, scientifically, as rapidly as human research and development can do the job. The very existence of civilization may well depend upon it.


Barium Ferrtte magnet magnetized through face


Barium Ferrtte magnet magnetized through face


Actuated Barium Fernte magnet magnetized through face

Figure 6-5 Sweetvacuum tnodeampNfier(VTA)constmction.

Actuated Barium Fernte magnet magnetized through face

Figure 6-5 Sweetvacuum tnodeampNfier(VTA)constmction.

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