Einsteins General Relativity

Next comes Einstein's epochal general relativity theory of gravitation {505}. In that theory, Mach's principle is interpreted as pointed out by Misner, Thorne and Wheeler {506} in the following quote:

"...Einstein's theory(1) identifies gravitation as the mechanism by which matter there influences inertia here; [and] (2) says that this coupling takes place on a spacelike hypersurface... "

The great contribution of Einstein's general relativity was to remove the notion of the "field occupying space", where field and space are separate things. Quoting {507}:

"Ifwe imagine thegravitationalfield, i.e., thefunctions gik to be removed, there does not remain a space of the type (I) [Minkowski Space], but absolutely nothing, and also no 'topological space'. For the functions gik describe not only the field, but at the same time also the topological and metrical structural properties of the manifold. ... There is no such thing as an empty space, i.e., a space without field. Space-time does not claim existence on its own, but only as a structural quality ofthe field.

In passing, we note that in the conventional sense we can and do have many fields "in the same space", which is merely the statement that a net field has internal structure, and so does a net spacetime. Extending that notion, we can conclude that spacetime is in fact naught but a set of fields, both static and dynamic. The total energy density of all those fields at any point in space constitutes a potential with that energy density at that point, and with that internal field dynamics and structure. So because of its incredible field energy density, space is also identically a giant potential with internal structure and dynamics. With that observation, we rather casually join the seething vacuum of particle physics, the spacetime of general relativity, and the fields of electromagnetics as different aspects of the same thing. We point out that our concept of the supersystem therefore only identifies the three separate things into which this "one-thing" has been arbitrarily divided in much of physics.

Although he tried more than once, Einstein himself failed to achieve a successful unified theory of gravitation and electrodynamics. One thing he added in his earlier theory was a cosmological constant, which he felt was necessary to explain a stable closed universe. He later regretted that assumption, but today with the discovery of the acceleration of the expanding universe, which can only be caused by antigravity, his cosmological constant has assumed a new and vital role in the search for the source of this observed antigravity effect in the cosmos.

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