Electrodynamics is Still Developing

1.5.1 Statement by Penrose

Roger Penrose, one of the leading physicists of our time, pointed out the still-developing nature of electrodynamics with respect to the developments from conventional gauge-theoretic interpretation of Maxwell's equations. Quoting Penrose {82}:

"These facts should not, however, deter theoretical or experimental physicists from seeking alternative descriptions, unconventional formulations, surprising electromagnetic effects, or radical generalizations. The various articles in this book provide the reader with a great variety of different kinds of approach to developments of this nature. We have historically motivated accounts, suggestions for new experiments, unconventional viewpoints and attempts at generalizations. We also see novel and ingenious formulations of electromagnetic theory of various different kinds... I am sure that this book will make it clear that electromagnetism is a subject that is in no way closed to stimulating new developments. It is very much alive as a source of fruitful new ideas."

1.5.2 An Example of a Ubiquitous Error

One of the rather horrid "bad examples" of ubiquitous errors in electrodynamics is the conventional illustration of a so-called planar EM wavefront moving through space, as shown in Figure 1-4.

A succinct evaluation of that diagram and notion is given by Evans {83}, one of the great electrodynamic theoreticians of our times:

"I broadly agree ... that the transverse plane wave view of vacuum electrodynamics is the biggest blunder of twentieth century science. "

Figure 1-4 The erroneous but ubiquitous supposed illustration of the transverse EM wave in 3-space.

Dr. Robert H. Romer, former Editor of the American Journal of Physics, also chastised the horrid diagram shown in Figure 1 -4, purporting to illustrate the transverse plane wave traveling through 3-space. In endnote 24 of his noteworthy editorial, Dr. Romer {84} takes that diagram to task as follows:

"... that dreadful diagram purporting to show the electric and magnetic fields of a plane wave, as a function of position (and/or time?) that besmirch the pages of almost every introductory book. ... it is a horrible diagram. 'Misleading' would be too kind a word; 'wrong' is more accurate." "...perhaps then, for historical interest, [we

should] find out how that diagram came to contaminate our literature in the first place."

Indeed, each point along the z-axis, is a momentary "3-space frozen slice" of the d/dt operator being applied to the ongoing 4-space interaction of the causal field in 4-space interacting with the previous "observed effect" (in this case, the previous 3-space slice) to produce a change to it. So the entire diagram is a set of "frozen 3-space observations", in which nothing at all is moving, and where the fields shown are in the mass (detecting/observing) medium. There is no such thing as a "traveling EM wave in 3-space", because "moving" or "changing" or "traveling" a priori must involve time as well as 3-space. What we are looking at in Figure 1-4 is the iterative and very rapid results of continual "3-space observations" (frozen 3-snapshots) of an on-going 4-space interaction.

1.5.3 An Extremely Important EM Omission

There is an enormous amount of development yet to be done in electrodynamics! As a simple example, for nearly a century there has been waiting quietly a fundamental "internal" or "infolded" electrodynamics by Whittaker {85, 91a, 86}, based on more primitive initial work by Stoney {87}, existing inside — and comprising — all conventional EM potentials, fields, and waves. This internal electrodynamics {88} has been essentially ignored in the West, but has already been weaponized in the weapons laboratories of several nations under the aegis of energetics. The U.S. Secretary of Defense, Secretary Cohen {89}, alluded directly to some of these weapons in a speech in 1997 as follows:

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations.It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts."

The weapons are already being utilized against various nations in the form of terrorist acts in an undeclared war {89}, and have been so used since the 1950s.

This internal longitudinal-wave EM and its dynamics is a much more fundamental electrodynamics (actually a subset of a unified field theory) consisting of correlated longitudinal EM wavepairs in both the 3-space and time domains. Each Whittaker decomposition wavepair is comprised of an

incoming longitudinal wave — a "time-polarized" EM wave {90a-90c} — in the time domain, perfectly correlated with an emitted longitudinal EM wave in 3-space. See Figure 1-5. This multiwave structuring and dynamics in both the time domain and in 3-space simultaneously comprises the scalar potential.

Scalar Electrodynamics

We specifically stress that the dynamics occur in the time domain (in its specific structuring, propagation pace, etc.) as well as in 3-space.

Deliberately changing the internal longitudinal EM wave structuring produces precise energetics (both energy and dynamics) in spacetime itself. This is a special form of "spacetime curvature structure and dynamics" which we call a spacetime curvature engine or vacuum engine. Together with superpotential theory in the original form initiated by Whittaker {91a} and extended by others {91b, 91c, 91d}, this internal electrodynamics — together with scalar potential interferometry {92} — creates all ordinary EM fields and waves {79}. Superluminal communication is possible using the internal longitudinal EM wave structure of the EM fields, potentials, and waves {93a, 93b}.

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