Elimination of the Non Intercepted Energy Flow Component

A perplexed and concerned Lorentz {658} cut the Gordian knot and arbitrarily discarded the Heaviside nondiverged component, eliminating the quandary. Lorentz stated that the huge nondiverged component had "no physical significance" (his phrase) since it powered nothing. Of course it has no physical significance, and powers nothing, unless one intercepts it and uses it!

By analogy, the component of a great wind on the ocean that is outside the intercepting sails of a single sailing ship, does not contribute to further powering of that ship. Figure 2-5 in Chapter 2 shows that situation. However, that nondiverged wind component can power a whole flotilla of additional, separate sailing ships with separate sails, as we showed in Figure 2-6 in Chapter 2. Electrodynamicists {659} have continued to utilize Lorentz' clever integration trick (Figure 2-3 in Chapter 2) to dispose of the huge nondiverged Heaviside energy flow component surrounding every circuit and missing it, and therefore pouring from the terminals of every generator. Most electrical engineers today do not realize that the original purpose of Lorentz's integration ofthe energy flow vector around a closed surface assumed surrounding every volume element of interest was merely to get rid of that perplexing and bothersome Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component while retaining the Poynting diverged energy flow component.

11.3.3 Lorentz's Previous Discard of all COP>1.0 Maxwellian Systems Previously (circa 1890s) Lorentz had symmetrically regauged Heaviside's equations that had already seriously curtailed Maxwell's seminal equations of 1865. This Lorentz symmetrical regauging retained only that class of EM systems that are in equilibrium in their seething energy exchange with their active vacuum environment. It discarded that entire permissible class of the Maxwell-Heaviside systems far from equilibrium with the active vacuum. In short, it arbitrarily discarded all COP>1.0 Maxwellian systems, and all those even permitted to exhibit COP>1.0.

Theubiquitous use of closed current loop circuits containing both the external circuit and the source dipole inside the generator forcibly applied

(and continues to forcibly apply) the Lorentz symmetrical regauging. Thus all electrical engineers began using circuits which self-enforced equilibrium in the vacuum exchange, so that no net usable energy306 that could translate electrons and do work in an external load —could be received from that source.

However, so long as the enormous Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component outside the circuit remained, then separate outrigger antenna circuits and systems could always be inserted in this external energy flow to divert some of it into separate additional circuits. This would have opened up the C0P>1.0 ensemble of systems and separate outrigger receiver circuits (with separate loads) fed by a single central generator, such as one version of the motionless electromagnetic generator of Chapter 7.

Consequently Lorentz integrated the entire energy flow vector around a closed surface assumed around any volume element of interest {658}, as shown in Figure 2-3. This integration trick — still universally applied {659a-659c} in all the texts today — arbitrarily discarded that troublesome and massive Heaviside energy flow component that could not be explained, and for which no source was known.

306 Lorentz symmetrical regauging does indeed require that the system receive excess energy from the environment (the active vacuum). It requires that the potential energy of the system is changed twice and continuously, which means the excess energy in each of those two changes must continuously enter from the active vacuum and do internal work on the system. Two new free force fields are created, each with its field energy, which is additional energy being continuously dissipated in the circuit to perform continuous work. However, the two free changes of energy in the system have been precisely selected so that these two force fields are equal and opposite. The two free changes of energy thus produce a stress potential without a net translation field. This means that the local spacetime has been curved, in a manner representing a rotation of the system frame away from the lab observer's frame. Further, the stress potential represents the continuous entry of extra stress energy from the vacuum, whose two force fields continually perform opposing local internal work within the system to stress it, while unable to translate electrons and power external loads. Contrary to the received view, the Lorentz-regauged Maxwell-Heaviside system is a dramatically altered and different system than the original system before the arbitrary application of the Lorentz condition. The system's inertial frame has been rotated, it has taken on extra energy from the vacuum that can only be used to do internal work upon the system, and that internal work on the system is continuously being done to increase the system's stress and hold it at the new level.

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