Every Charge and Dipole in an EM System Receives and Transduces Vacuum Energy

In particle physics, every dipole — and every charge considered with its associated clustering virtual charges of opposite sign — is recognized as an asymmetry in the vacuum flux {675}. The very definition of broken symmetry means that a charge or dipole receives and absorbs virtual photon energy from the vacuum, transduces it into observable form, and re-radiates it as real, observable EM energy. This results in an observable outpouring of 3-energy from the charge or dipole, with no observable 3-energy input.

To save the conservation of energy law for physical EM systems, one must therefore recognize and model the physical vacuum asymmetry mechanism that allows this demonstrated performance of charge and dipole. In electrical power systems, that required asymmetry mechanism is the known broken symmetry of the vacuum's interaction with the source dipole created in the generator.

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