Examples of COP Electromagnetic Systems

The motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG) {661} (Figure 11-1) does catch and use some of this available free energy, as explained below. So does the familiar Bohren experiment {662a, 662b} by resonating each intercepting charge so it sweeps out an increased geometrical reaction cross section in space, reaching past the usual Poynting interception cross section (for a static charge) and thereby absorbing additional energy from the otherwise non-intercepted Heaviside energy flow component.

Every charge and dipole in the universe also already acts as an electrical "windmill in a free wind," having a COP = oo.

The present author has also nominated the long-neglected but vast nondiverged Heaviside EM energy flow, accompanying every field and charge interaction, as the long-missing source of some 90% of the gravity holding the arms of the spiral galaxies intact {663}. Our supersystem examination of several COP>1.0 EM systems developed by various inventors has also uncovered a proposed solution for the source of the distant antigravity accelerating the expansion of the universe {664}.

Meg Transformer Coils
Figurei 11-1. Transformer section of the MEG.

Experimental proof that EM energy COP>1.0 is both possible and demonstrated is already in the literature — e.g., as in the Bohren experiment {662} which outputs 18 times as much energy as one inputs (see Figure 11-2). As another experimental example, the Aharonov-Bohm (AB) effect {647, 665, 666} freely adds additional nonlocalized field-free A-potential energy while all the magnetic B-field energy is sharply localized but still present and available. The AB effect is routinely implicated in physics, but apparently was never applied in an electrical power system prior to its use in the motionless electromagnetic generator

Bohren's experiment {662} was quickly and independently replicated by Paul and Fischer {667}. It can be replicated by any university laboratory at will, totally negating the conventional COP < 0 assumption. The AB effect is also easily replicated, using a toroidal coil, a long solenoid, or a permanent magnet and the special cores used in the MEG. When the toroid system's total available output energy How is measured and accounted — including both the confined magnetic field energy flowing inside the toroidal windings and the field-free A-potential flowing outside — the toroidal coil system outputs more energy flow than the operator furnishes from his external power supply by conventional accounting {668}.

At or near resonance frequency, in the case shown the energy collection fraction (reaction cross section) increases dramatically.

At or near resonance frequency, in the case shown the energy collection fraction (reaction cross section) increases dramatically.

Toroidal Near Field

In conventional terms, for a theoretically perfect toroid the operator only "pays for" the magnetic field energy "output component" confined inside the toroidal windings. The presence of an extra energy output component outside the toroid produces C0P>1.0 performance as an energy transducer. It does not produce system C0P>1.0 performance in a closed-loop circuit containing the primary power supply's source dipole.

The AIAS has previously nominated more than a dozen mechanisms as promising C0P>1.0 systems for investigation, research, and development {669}.

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