Experiment Confirms It

A clinching observation is given by Miles and Bush, ibid, as follows:

"One GM-detector would measure anomalous radiation while another GM-detector would be "blind" to any anomalous effect. A few experiments, nevertheless, gave simultaneous anomalous effects from two different radiation detectors."

Here our comment is that this precisely fits our expectations for demonstrating involvement of

(i) Time-charging and decay interactions,

(ii) Consistency with transduction expectations,

(iii) Consistency with the fact that two different radiation detectors may or may not exhibit or detect the anomalous ionization effects, depending upon the individual past time-charge histories of the two detectors, and

(iv) Predictable variations in the individual experiments (based on palladium lattice loading time, specific geometry, ionization state of the chemical solution, internal time-charge state and decay rate, and structuring of the apparatuses and their parts, etc.) when transduction-associated phenomena are considered.

The anomalous non-nuclear, non-transverse wave — but ionizing — EM radiation detected at China Lake, and the resulting peculiarities in the measurement apparatus functioning, do strongly support the present proposed approach, the proposed graviton radiation phenomena, and the time-charging and decay and transduction mechanisms presented. It is decisive that sometimes two detectors both indicated, and sometimes one indicated and the other would not. Sufficient replications have ruled out any defect in a single given instrument as the cause of the anomalous detections. That immediately eliminates from consideration all purely transverse EM wave phenomena, conditional only upon the premise that the instruments were properly functioning and calibrated, and that sufficient replications were made for decisive statistics. Those conditions were all met in the numerous experiments producing these results over a long time and in many repetitions.

As a final thought on the subject, we pose the possibility that the longitudinal EM waves involved may be the B(3) longitudinal field waves advanced convincingly by Evans {624a-624c}. We would recommend the attention of leading theorists and experimentalists to this possibility, as a matter that should be investigated both theoretically and experimentally.

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