Final Perspective Permissible COP Maxwellian Systems

"Are you certain of that?" [Augustine, in his famous confrontation with the Skeptics, who held that nothing can be known with certainty.]

"[Itis usually]...assumed that the magnitude ofpotential energy is irrelevant, being arbitrary to the extent ofan additive constant. " [Block and Crater]. {638}

"Thepotentials VandA, defined... in terms ofthefields E andB, are considered to be nonobservable in Maxwellian electromagnetism, since the energy density associated with them is zero... " [Lakes]. {639}

"[The total energy ofthe atom] depends on the bare mass and bare charge ofthe electron, the mass and charge that appear in the equations ofthe theory before we start worrying about photon emissions and reabsorptions. But free electrons as well as electrons in atoms are always emitting and reabsorbing photons that affect the electron s mass and electric charge, and so the bare mass and charge are not the same as the measured electron mass and charge that are listed in tables of elementary particles. In fact, in order to accountfor the observed values (which of course are finite) ofthe mass and charge ofthe electron, the bare mass and charge must themselves be infinite. The total energy ofthe atom is thus the sum of two terms, both infinite: the bare energy that is infinite because it depends on the infinite bare mass and charge, and the energy shift... that is infinite because it receives contributions from virtual photons ofunlimited energy. fWeinberg]. {640}

11.1 Introduction

The central message in this book is that all EM devices are already powered — though in an inappropriate fashion — by EM energy freely extracted from the seething vacuum. It is also intended to be a clarion call that we must rapidly develop the appropriate vacuum-energy powering of our EM circuits and electrical power systems, or else the survival of the nation and of the biosphere is at stake rather immediately.

For this summary chapter, we wish to place that specific area — EM energy from the vacuum — in sharp focus, with the major facets together in one place.

Consequently, for this closing chapter we have chosen and slightly adapted a previous technical rebuttal to the objections of "perpetual motion", "violation of the second law of thermodynamics," "impossible", etc. that we wrote in 2001 in the referee process, to the referees of one of the AIAS papers submitted to a major physics journal. The rebuttal was successful, and it was accepted and upheld by the referees. The paper was then published by the journal, after very vigorous refereeing.

That is as it should be.

Scientific journals provide a proper forum for the free expression and debate of scientific ideas and work. They do not and should not ensure that every paper conforms to commonly held concepts or to the most widely accepted model. As we stated, Chief Editor Kennedy of the journal Science has only recently had to restate and accent the principle that science is free from "truth by prevailing authority," and bound by "truth by replicable experiment". Insuring that every paper meets the accepted models and notions would be enforcement of religious belief, not experimental science. Ideas which are wrong will be refuted experimentally; experiment is still the basis of scientific method. In our rebuttal, the argument of the conventional skeptics is thoroughly refuted by experiments already well known in the literature, as we detail.

So we thought it appropriate to close the book with this strong statement of its primary pbjective: economical, clean, copious electrical energy from the vacuum.

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