Future Plans

Our plans are straightforward. We will continue to pursue and update our patents and file additional ones as additional discoveries are made. We will continue our negotiations with major financial parties until satisfactory and mutually beneficial capitalization is obtained (we expect that to occur before the end of 2002). At that time we will establish a modern Magnetic Energy Ltd. U.S. laboratory devoted to advanced research and development, as well as a separate production company in partnership with our funding partners. The final research necessary on the MEG (four areas of physics as well as the electrodynamics) will be completed in somewhat less than one year after setup of the lab and lab team, and the production company is expected to have the first engineering development production prototype at the end of that first year. We expect it to be a self-powering unit. We will simply put the first MEG units into production and on the world market immediately thereafter.

Figure 7-3 Block diagram of envisioned modular MEG design.

See Figure 7-3. The first production MEG is envisioned as a modular 2.5 KW unit together with a synchronizer unit simultaneously developed, so that up to six 2.5 KW MEG units can be synchronized in a power system array. This will yield power units from 2.5 to 15 KW. We are struggling to have the closed-loop process completed and ready in that same first year, and if possible the very first MEG units will be close-looped and self-powered. At the end of the second year or before, we plan to have the close-looped basic MEG unit in 10 KW size, again with synchronizer so that up to six MEG units can be synchronized in an array. That will cover the 10 - 60 KW power system size, which is ideal for homes and small businesses. Once the units go on the world market, we believe that the market will be extraordinarily dynamic and productive. We intend to license multiple companies for production and competition for various markets, with no single company being given total monopoly worldwide.



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