Gedanken Experiment

We advance a gedanken experiment to illustrate. Consider a perfect generator with no losses, and with two perfect conductors and a purely resistive load R1 connected across its terminals. Call the mechanical energy input to the shaft of the generator Win. Call the Poynting diverged energy flow component Wr that is intercepted by the attached circuit and powers R1. Call the Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component Wh that misses the circuit and is wasted. As an energy transducer, the total energy output Wout from the terminals of the generator is w0llt = v/r+wh [1]

However, for this theoretically perfect system. So

Further, when accounted, so

We conclude that all EM systems — as energy transducers freely extracting and transducing EM energy from the active vacuum— already exhibit COP »1.0. However, for useful work in a closed current loop circuit, the COP = 1.0, unless additional antenna-receiver circuits or another scheme such as Bohren charge resonance is used to increase the energy collected and dissipated in the load while not increasing the energy used to dissipate the source dipole.

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    How gedanken can be used in experiments of energy?
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