Giant Negentropy Dark Energy Spiral Galaxies and Acceleration of the Expanding Universe

"... the discoveries made in 1957established not only right-left asymmetry, but also the asymmetry ofthe positive and negative signs of electric charge. In the standard nomenclature, right-left asymmetry is referred to as P violation, or parity nonconservation. The asymmetry between opposite signs of electric charge is called C violation, or charge conjugation violation, or sometimes particle-antiparticle asymmetry. " [T. D. Lee]. {180}

"The ends ofa dipole, being oppositely charged, exhibit charge conjugate symmetry violation. An 'isolated'charge, considered with its clustering virtual charges ofopposite sign, also exhibits symmetry violation. " [T. E. Bearden, this book, below].

"A generally acceptable, rigorous definition ofradiation has not as yet been formulated."... "The recurring question has been: Why is it that an electric charge radiates but does not absorb light waves despite the fact that the Maxwell equations are invariant under time reversal? " [B. P. Kosyakov]. {181}

"It [the energy transferflow] takes place, in the vicinity ofthe wire, very nearly parallel to it, with a slight slope towards the wire... . Prof Poynting, on the other hand, holds a different view, representing the transfer as nearly perpendicular to a wire, i.e., with a slight departurefrom the vertical. This difference ofa quadrant can, I think, only arise from what seems to be a misconception on his part as to the nature ofthe electric field in the vicinity ofa wire supporting electric current. The lines of electric force are nearly perpendicular to the wire. Their departure from perpendicularity is usually so small that I have sometimes spoken of them as beingperpendicular to it, as they practically are, before ¡recognized the great physical importance ofthe slight departure. It causes the convergence of energy into the wire. " [Oliver Heaviside]. {182}

"The funny thing about the dark matter is it doesn 't show up in light, X-rays, gamma rays, infrared, ultraviolet, radio waves, or submillimeter. We 're running out of places to look for it." [William Keel]. {183}

"... baryonic, ordinary matter — the stuff of stars and of people — makes upjust over 4% ofthe energy and matter in the universe. ...about 30% ofthe stuff in the universe is dark [unobserved] matter. The remaining two-thirds, theorists believe, is a mysterious 'dark energy'or 'quintessence'— a large-scale antigravity-like effect that is making the universe expandeverfaster " [Charles Seife]. {184}

"And yet, curiously enough, we do not know exactly what charge is, only what it does. Or, equally significantly, what it does not do."[M. P. Silverman]. {185}

"Charge is the ongoing circulation of EM energy flow between the time and 3-space domains, as seen by the observer. Negative charge is the ongoing absorption ofEMenergy inputfrom the time domain (from ict), transduction ofthe absorbed energy into 3-space EM energy, and re-emission ofthe EM energy in all directions in 3-space. Positive charge is the ongoing absorption ofEM energy input from 3-space, transduction ofthe absorbed energy into the time domain, and re-emission ofthe EM energy in the time domain. ¡fwe wish, we may also consider the positive charge as radiating negative energy, while the negative charge radiates positive energy. Once we consider vacuum polarization, we recognize that this circular flow process is involved at each "dipolar point" ofthe polarized vacuum. " [T. E. Bearden, this book, below].

"The matter densityofthe Universe is extremely low. On average there might be one atom per cubic metre of space. The major constituent ofthe Universe is believed to be some kind 'dark energy', which is pushing the Universe apart. " [Matthew Colless]. {186}

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