Gravitec Inc and H Serrano

A patent {537} was issued to H. Serrano on Oct. 5, 2000 and assigned to Gravitec, Inc. whose principal investigator and corporate officer is Tim Ventura. Based on this invention, Gravitec, Inc.. has developed and demonstrated a rotary device that develops unilateral thrust. Purdue University began a small but steady effort to test the unit, first in the atmosphere and later under high vacuum conditions. The first tests have been successful, and a paper {538} from the Purdue study shows it is not the ion wind effect, which is orders of magnitude too small to account for the demonstrated thrust. Further, Jean-Louis Naudin has replicated and tested the Serrano thruster, and it works beautifully {539}. Ventura also hopes to develop a toy kit, with safe power supply, which would allow persons to perform their own successful lifter experiments and perhaps rotary experiments at nominal cost.

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