Heavisides Excess Energy Circulation Flow and Gravity Theory

The next theory of gravity of interest to us is that of Oliver Heaviside. Heaviside noted that his extra EM energy flow term was a trapped EM energy circulation {501}. He realized that, if that trapped EM energy circulation were taken as gravitational in nature, his energy flow theory could be converted into a unified theory incorporating both electrodynamics and gravitation. After his death, his handwritten notes on the theory were found beneath the floorboards in the little garret apartment he had long occupied. No one knows what other papers he may have had; the place was ransacked and looted prior to the discovery of these remaining papers hidden beneath the floorboards — papers the looters had missed.

215 We also point out that a Dirac sea with empty holes (excess negative energy states) exists in (or constitutes) a negatively curved spacetime a priori. So we get back to the other two components of our "supersystem", the active vacuum and its dynamics and the local curvature of spacetime and its dynamics.

Other scientists such as Laithwaite have felt that Heaviside's approach might still shake the foundations of physics itself. Quoting Laithwaite {502}:

"Heaviside had originally written the energyñow as S = (ExH) + G, where G is a circuital flux. Poynting had only written S = (ExH). Takingp to be the density of matter and e the intensity of a gravitationalforce, Heaviside found that the circuital flux G can he expressed as pu — ce, where u represents the velocity of p and c is a constant."

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