Special Functions Produced by Stress

Apparently pressure (stress) in many of these devices and experiments can play an important role in the negative resistance process. Based on harmonic sets of paired couplings of a longitudinal time-like wave and a longitudinal wave in any scalar potential {643}, the present author hypothesizes that such stress — treated as a stress scalar potential — accomplishes time-domain pumping in the optical sense, due to the presence of the coupled time-polarized longitudinal waves in the time domain.

This time pumping is a special form of "time stress". Thus in optically pumped or stressed optically active materials (including electrolytes), the time-stress creates a TRZ, reversing the normal force laws upon and between charges. Assuming this hypothesis is valid, this could account for the variation of Chung's negative resistance effect with the variation of the pressure (stress) used in manufacturing. It would also apply to the laser-created stress in semiconducting powder experiments, etc. The hypothesis should be further investigated for experimental validation or refutation.

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