In Conclusion

By the time this book is published, Magnetic Energy Ltd. is hopeful it will have achieved its major funding requirement, and be well along the way to completing the research for full production and marketing of MEG units on the world market. We have arrived at that part of development — the need for substantial funding (several tens of millions of dollars) — where every previous C0P>1.0 EM power system has died. We intend to do everything within our power to see that we obtain the funding, finish the complex research task, and get the MEG onto the world market.

For additional information on the MEG and on its preliminary replication by Naudin, the reader is referred to other technical articles {488} and to Jean-Louis Naudin's website.213 Actual measurements for one of Magnetic Energy Ltd.'s MEG test units is given in reference {488a}. The MEG patent {37} shows the variation of COP for a test MEG with various conditions. Curves for Naudin's measurement of the performance of his replicated MEG unit are given on his website.

The MEG project is a most interesting project, because of the involvement of so much advanced physics and several different physics areas, as well as the prerequisite for higher group symmetry electrodynamics. Once funded, we are confident we succeed in crashing through the barriers and getting working MEG power units — including self-powering MEG units — on the market. We also believe the MEG will represent a substantial contribution to alleviating the coming worldwide energy crisis. Hopefully it will materially hasten the growth and evolution of the present highly centralized — and terribly vulnerable — national energy infrastructure into a highly decentralized — and much less vulnerable — national energy infrastructure. We also believe it will provide a great contribution to helping alleviate global warming, reducing pollution of the biosphere, and reducing the production of hazardous wastes. If so, it will be a continuing

213 Naudin's website MEG material and information is at Particularly see his Mark III replication, shown powering a light on that webpage.

contribution, not only to humanity today, but also to generations yet unborn.

Chapter 8 Approach to Antigravity

[Large-scale antigravity exists] "...baryonic, ordinary matter—the stuffofstars and ofpeople—makes up just over 4% ofthe energy and matter in the universe. ...about 30% ofthe stuffin the universe is dark [unobserved] matter. The remaining two-thirds, theorists believe, is a mysterious 'dark energy' or 'quintessence'—a large-scale antigravity-like effect that is making the universe expandeverfaster " [Charles Seife] {489}.

[On the nature of the vacuum] "...the (electromagnetic) vacuum is the ground state ofthe quantized electromagnetic field. ...The Dirac electron vacuum is that state with all negative energy electron states fully occupied." [Aitchison] {490}

[On forces and how charge exists] "Vacuum polarization, in general, alters the effectiveforce law. Forces, in quantum field theory, are understood as being due to the exchange ofvirtual quanta ...In the case ofQCD and QFD, ... a crucialnewfeature is that theforce-field quanta themselves carry the 'charge' ofthe force-field, i.e. it is as if the photon ofelectromagnetism carried electromagnetic charge." [Aitchison] {491}

[Possible gravitational circuits] "There is an implication ... that gravitational excursions might be controllable by gravitational 'circuits', analogous to electronic circuits, which could lead to a controllable form ofnegative gravity." [Robert Neill Boyd] {492}.

[Gravitational circuits] "The supersystem concept utilizes a unified fields approach so that specialized electrical circuits in COP» 1.0 condition generate strong Dirac sea hole currents ofnegative energy in the immediate local vacuum. Thus a strong negative energy field is formed surrounding the circuit and changing the curvature of local spacetime as an action by the source circuit. This produces a direct antigravity field around the circuit or physical system, acting upon the mass of the system. The net gravitational interaction by that circuit or physical system is therefore the summation of the local positive gravitational field and the new local negative gravitational field produced by that negative energy field." [T. E. Bearden, correspondence to a colleague, February 2002.]

[On the multiplicity of spacetime curvature components]

"The full mathematical expressionfor the curvature of four-dimensional space-time given by something called the Riemann curvature tensor. This is a somewhat complicated object, needing twenty real numbers at each point in order to specify it. These twenty numbers are referred to as its components. The different components refer to the different curvatures in different directions in the space-time." [Penrose] {493}.

[Physics studies and prepares imperfect models, not perfect truth] "All we ever know is our models, but never the reality that may or may not exist behind the models and casts its shadow upon us who are embedded inside it. We imagine and intuit, then point the finger and wait to see which suspectfor truth turns and runs. Our models may get closer and closer, but we will never reach direct perception ofreality's thing-in-iself" [Hawking] {494}.

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