In Conclusion

We have briefly reviewed the presently developing field of inertial space propulsion and antigravity, and presented our own approach to practical antigravity as well as an informal experiment that strongly supported that approach. We have strongly stressed that the causal field from the system as its source constitutes a curvature of the local spacetime superposed upon the pre-existing local spacetime curvature. Instead of thinking of that causal field from the source system as acting back upon the source system, we have stressed thinking of that net superposed curvature oflocal spacetime acting back upon the source system and producing a net gravitational force upon it. That net gravitational force may be either positive or negative, or zero, depending upon the sign of the net curvature of spacetime that is interacting back upon the system.

We presented and explained the results of the Sweet VTA antigravity experiment as probable verification of our approach to antigravity. Nonetheless, we also emphasized that the formal independent replication required by the scientific method has not been accomplished, and it remains to be accomplished before the approach is to be considered as scientifically validated.

We believe that this approach to antigravity can be modeled and engineered by use of the Evans-Vigier O(3) electrodynamics as a subset of the Sachs electrodynamics that is a part of the Sachs unified field theory.

If so, then tentatively we have laid out the basis for eventual practical antigravity systems and a practical antigravity technology. We fervently hope that this approach will in fact lead to practical technology and working transportation means during the next decade.

Finally, we hope that these notes and concepts will stimulate many sharp young graduate students and post-doctoral scientists to examine, model, correct, and greatly enlarge the ideas and principles advanced. If so, then the purpose of this chapter will have been realized.

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