In Conclusion

In this Chapter, we have stressed what we believe to be a great new principle of giant negentropy, leading to direct and easy extraction of EM energy from the vacuum in copious quantities. That principle is that nature retains her preferred 4-symmetry of EM energy flow, while breaking 3-symmetry of EM energy flow and the symmetry of EM time-energy flow on the fourth axis. It is implemented by making a common dipole or charge.

The electrical energy problem is not due to any difficulty in inducing giant and indefinitely continuing EM energy flows from the vacuum! The easiest thing in the world is to extract EM energy — any amount, anywhere, anytime — from the seething vacuum, by making a simple dipolarity. The problem is only in then intercepting and collecting some of the energy to dissipate in loads, and doing it without using half the collected energy to destroy the dipole producing the energy, faster than the loads are powered. In other parts of this book we have given some of the many mechanisms that can be applied to attack this "power the load without killing the source dipole" problem, and have also included such in papers in the literature {233a-233u}.

We have pointed out the implications of the new principle of negentropy in EM energy flow, and how all our circuits and electrical power systems actually use it but then arc designed so as to kill the negentropic process's potential for self-powering electrical power systems.

Presently we are told by the conventional scientific community that the dream of freely extracting EM energy from the vacuum, and using it to efficiently and easily power our electrical needs cleanly, is either a fool's concept of perpetual motion, or the science of the next century. It is neither; it is good physics, and it is already present and misused in all our electrical power systems and circuits — and always has been. Unlimited electrical energy from the vacuum is here and now, if we but overcome the prevailing mindset and grasp it.

We have argued that all electrical loads and circuits are now and always have been powered by just such EM energy extracted directly from the vacuum by the giant negentropy principle, evoked by the source dipole. We have removed the artificial and erroneous notion that batteries and generators provide some of their available 3-space internal energy to the external circuit. Instead, we have emphasized that batteries and generators dissipate their available energy to form and then continually reform their source dipole, and nothing else. Once their source dipolarity is formed, a battery or a generator is nothing but an energy gate, gating and transducing enormous EM energy from the vacuum. We only have to keep inputting energy to keep reforming the dipole that our external circuit is designed to destroy faster than the load is powered.

In dealing with the function of the dipole in extracting the EM energy from the vacuum and pouring it out to power the circuit, we have shown errors in present energy flow theory and how they came to be made. We also indicated the enormous magnitude of the EM energy flow actually extracted and present with every conventional circuit, but wasted and arbitrarily removed from accountability. Some processes for intercepting, collecting, and using additional amounts of this available Heaviside "dark EM energy" flow component, surrounding every circuit, have been mentioned, and references have been given to other papers more fully discussing such processes. In a previous paper {234} we have proposed that the Heaviside dark energy, accompanying all EM field-charge interactions, is responsible for the excess gravity observed to be holding the spiral arms of those distant spiral galaxies intact — in short, we have proposed an unaccounted Heaviside darkpositive energy solution to the well-known dark matter problem in astrophysics.

The ordinary closed current loop circuit inherently yields a system COP<1.0, because it destroys its source dipoles faster than it powers the load. Indeed, the circuit self-enforces the Lorentz symmetrical regauging condition during discharge of its free excitation (potential) energy.

In addition, we have presented an hypothesis to explain that negative energy (negative mass) created in the Dirac sea vacuum by giant astronomical explosion phenomena produces the excess antigravity in the space surrounding those entities that is accelerating the expansion of the universe. We have also indicated how this hypothesis can be investigated and tested on the bench. We have provided one experiment whose results did support the hypothesis.

The present world energy crisis is real and increasing, while at the same time the availability of oil is beginning to decrease and oil becomes more costly.90 Unless a substantial fraction of the "electricity from oil" curve is shifted to "electricity from the vacuum" rather quickly, the economic collapse of the Western world, followed by concomitant collapse of other economies, may ensue within a surprisingly few years, and even within the present decade.

90 As this was first being written in Dec. 2001, there was a temporary relief in the oil crisis, due to the sudden decrease in travel, air traffic, etc. after the terrorist attack on Washington and New York on September 11, 2001. As the present war on terrorism has continued, the MidEast is now heating up toward another war, and oil prices are again trying to climb. Iraq, Iran, and Libya called for an oil embargo on the United States, for example, which would almost immediately plunge the nation into an oil crisis. Meanwhile, should effective terrorist attacks occur upon the highly vulnerable energy distribution infrastructure of the United States and other allied nations, the oil crisis will again emerge catastrophically and almost immediately thereafter. It is held off for now, only because Russia under Putin is seeking U.S. financial assistance to further develop its rich oilfields. When OPEC votes to curtail production and then curtails it, Russia opens the spigot and keeps the prices down. Putin is seeking to become a trusted U.S. oil partner, in the role long played by Saudi Arabia but now declining due to perceived Saudi payments to terrorist organizations and reluctance to close down terrorist activities in their own country. So in a strange way, a new alliance between the U.S. and Russia has prevented the oil and energy prices from escalating right through the roof.

We believe that a transfer of much of the "electricity from oil" curve to an "electricity from the vacuum" curve can be quickly accomplished, if the government and the scientific community can be induced to move with full priority and vigor in the directions indicated in this book. However, to get that done, it apparently will be done over the writhing bodies of our leading scientific organizations, literally dragging the organizations to face the proven fact of giant negentropy of every charge and dipole in the universe over their strenuous objections.

As a major objective, we fervently hope that undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral scientists, other scientists, engineers, and environmentalists will interest themselves in these new principles and viewpoints. We have called attention to the new electrodynamics pioneered by AIAS, Evans, Sachs, Barrett, Lehnert, and others, and indicated the capability of this emerging electrodynamics to model this new energyfrom the vacuum functioning.

It has been said that no idea is accepted until its time has come. We strongly believe that the time for cheap, clean extraction of electrical energy from the vacuum is an idea whose time has arrived. Hopefully our efforts in this book will at least conceptually show the interested reader the outline and course that energy from the vacuum can and will take in the scientific community and in the world at large.

We accent again that modeling the extraction of EM energy from the vacuum demands the use of higher symmetry electrodynamics, particularly a theoretical model capable of expressing the interactions of the three components of the supersystem. Barrett and Grimes {235} said it beautifully:

"In the case ofelectromagnetism, the theory was first simplified before being frozen. Maxwell expressed electromagnetism in the algebra ofquaternions and made the electromagnetic potential the centerpiece ofhis theory. In 1881 Heaviside replaced the electromagnetic potentialfield byforce fields as the centerpiece of electromagnetic theory. According to him, the electromagnetic potential field was arbitrary and needed to be "assassinated" (sic). A fewyears later there was a great debate between Heaviside and Tait about the relative merits ofvector analysis and quaternions. The result was the realization that there was no need for the greater physical insights provided by quaternions ifthe theory was purely local, and vector analysis became commonplace.

The vast applications ofelectromagnetic theory since then were made using vector analysis. Although generations ofvery effective students were trained using vector analysis, more might be learned physically by returning, ifnot to quaternions, to other mathematical formulations in certain well-defined circumstances. As examples, since the time when the theoretical design ofelectromagnetism was frozen, gauge theory has been invented and brought to maturity and topology and geometry have been introduced to field theory. Although most persons view their subject matter through the filter of the mathematical tools in which they are trained, the best mathematical techniques for a specific analysis depend upon the best match between the algebraic logic and the underpinning physical dynamics ofa theoretical system.

The problems we face today are ever more demanding of the necessary EM change pointed out by Barrett and Grimes, along with many others. Let us hope their words are heeded. Given rapid development of higher group symmetry electrodynamics models, we shall very rapidly see the solutions to many previously intractable human problems — including cheap clean energy from the vacuum, understanding and directly using antigravity as well as gravity, a revolutionary new medical therapy, a new chemistry and biochemistry, and a new appreciation for the electromagnetic interactions of mind and matter.

Let us hope this new scientific revolution comes swiftly.

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