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COP>1.0 operation in EM systems via work-free asymmetrical regauging has been inherent in the Maxwell-Heaviside equations for more than a century. Since Lorentz first did so circa the latter 1880s, electro-dynamicists have just conveniently and arbitrarily assumed away COP>1.0 systems by (i) artificially limiting the theory to only that fraction of Maxwell-Heaviside systems in usable net force field equilibrium in their vacuum exchange during their excitation discharge, and (ii) using the ubiquitous closed current loop circuit to self-enforce the Lorentz symmetry condition during that excitation discharge. In other words, our engineers have only been building systems which self-enforce the overly restricted Lorentz-regauged theory.

Electrodynamicists have never seriously tried to build overunity circuits, nor until recently have they explored the discarded Maxwellian systems by removing the Lorentz regauging condition and examining EM energy from the vacuum.58

58 Under the directorship of Dr. M.W. Evans, the Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study (AIAS) has been gradually developing the physics of EM systems far from equilibrium with their active environment (the local active vacuum and local curved spacetime). Some of the papers of interest are: M. W. Evans et al., "Derivation of the Lehnert field equations from gauge theory in vacuum: Space charge and current," Found. Phys. Lett, 13(2), Apr. 2000, p. 179-184; Evans et al., {38b}, {38c}, {113b}, {233a}, {233b}, {233e}; {233g}, {233j}; Evans et al., "Schrodinger Equation with a Higgs Mechanism: Inherent Vacuum Energy," Found. Phys. (in review); — "Vacuum Energy Flow and Poynting Theorem from Topology and Gauge Theory," Physica Scripta (in review); — "Energy from the Vacuum," Physica Scripta (in review); — "Some Notes on Asymmetric Regauging", J. New Energy 4(3), Special Issue, Winter 1999, p. 325-326; — "Inconsistencies ofthe Maxwell-Heaviside Theory of Electrodynamics: The Aharonov-Bohm Effect," J. New Energy, 4(3), Special Issue, Winter 1999, p. 236-240; — "Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking as the Source of the Electromagnetic Field," Found. Phys. Lett. (in press), A monumental work. Modern Nonlinear Optics, Second Edition, 3 vols., ed. M. W. Evans, Wiley, 2001 gives a broad coverage of higher group symmetry electrodynamics and energy from the environment (the local active vacuum and the

Every electrical power system ever built is and has been powered by electrical energy freely extracted from the seething vacuum exchange with the source dipole in the system, due to that dipole's broken symmetry. But the engineers and scientists have designed and built only those electrical systems which self-enforce Lorentz's symmetrical regauging.

The time for energy scientists and engineers to correct this procedure and cease this inane practice is long overdue, following the direction pointed out by the AIAS.

local curved spacetime). Some 60 AIAS papers are published as a Special Issue of the J, New Energy, 4(3), Winter 1999. More than 100 AIAS papers are also carried on DoE restricted website

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