In this chapter we give a history, some information, and comments about the Aharonov-Bohm effect {473}, which was generalized by the Berry phase {477} for adiabatic conditions, which itself was further generalized by Aharonov and Anandan {480} to remove the adiabatic limitation. The modern all-inclusive term is geometric phase, which has been found to be involved in a very wide variety of physics areas. In its embodiments, the motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG) does utilize the Aharonov-Bohm effect (geometric phase) in a unique manner that we explain. We also remark on what we hypothesize may be some related new aspects of the curl-free magnetic vector potential itself.

Figure 7-1 Motionless Electronic Generator (MEG)

The motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG) (Figure 7-1) was invented by Patrick, Bearden, Hayes, Moore, and Kenny {461} after years of research and experimentation. It has been technically described elsewhere {462}, and scientific explanations of the fundamental mechanism by which it successfully extracts useful EM energy from the active vacuum have been published in the recognized literature {463, 38a, 464}. Other closely related papers on extracting EM energy from the vacuum have been published or are submitted and in review {465a-465h}.

A version of the MEG has also been independently replicated by Naudin {466}, and in fact by others who did not wish to publish their results. By permission, Naudin's Mark II MEG replica is shown in Figure 7-2. Consequently, the MEG is a validated and replicated COP>1.0 system, as required by proper scientific methodology. Further, sufficient information has been released for any competent laboratory team to replicate a version of the MEG.

Meg Bearden
Figure 7 2 Nuadin's Mark II Replication ofthe MEG.

We give an overview of the MEG, the principles of its operation, the status of the project, and some indication of future plans.

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