James Corum et al Rectified Slepian AC Force Resonator

Another example is some promising work by Corum et al. {536}. We quote from the abstract and summary of his paper:

"Corum presented an experimental paper on the use ofthe Heavisideforce in conjunction with a Slepian antenna as aform ofspace drive using nothing more than the classical Maxwell stress tensor. Slepian proposed the same thing in 1949, but came to the conclusion that it would not be useful, since the time average ofthe resultant ACforce would be zero. Corums contribution has thus far been two-fold: (1) In conjunction with Dr. Alan Barnes ofWVU he has experimentally shown that the AC version ofthe Slepian Resonating Antenna does produce a force, and has measured it to within 3.6%, and (2) has designed a wayfor Hartley's variable capacitor rectification to be used with the Slepian resonator such that the rectification results in a DCforce component. The first experiment has already been achieved, the second experiment is the logical next step. If successful, the result would be quite revolutionary: a true space drive."

Our comment is that this unilateral thrust force work is important. In our view, the Heaviside energy flow component does not appear in Slepian's vector which contains only the diverged EM energy flow surrounding a circuit or component, but it is present immediately outside the circuit where the Slepian vector exists. Hence there is an enormous, extra energy flow closely associated with every EM circuit, that is unaccounted since Lorentz's closed surface integration of the energy flow vector discarded it quite arbitrarily.

We already know from the Bohren experiment (and thousands of others similar to it) previously cited that resonant charges do collect excess EM energy from a given EM energy flow input, compared to the collection from that flow by the same charges in nonresonant state. In using the Slepian resonator and then rectifying its output, it would appear that both the diverged (Poynting) energy flow component and the Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component are first resonated and then rectified. In addition, excess energy is collected — much more than is in the normal "static charge" formula assumptions for Poynting energy flow and in assuming only a "single pass, single interception and collection" of the energy.

An important factor then is obvious: Once the energy flow is surrounding the circuit, there exists a certain local curvature of the immediate external spacetime. The rectification represents not only a change in the Slepian vector current in the circuit, but also a change in this local ST curvature interaction upon the circuit matter and charges. In short, it should produce a DC component in the direct excess interaction of the rectified local curvature of spacetime. This should produce excess direct propulsive force, just as Corum theorizes and the experiments support to date.

Further, the oscillation of the large, unaccounted Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component involves the oscillation of a "dark energy" component that may be orders of magnitude greater than the accounted Poynting component's magnitude. By involving this huge energy flow component in oscillation and synchronized to the resonant Slepian circuit, Corum has unwittingly involved the supersystem as a COP»1.0 EM "energy converter" system. Hence, there is appreciable Dirac hole current (in causal 4-form) in the local vacuum, not reacted with the materials in the system and therefore not converted to material lattice holes attached to positive mass. The time rate of changes of the negative energy fields and potentials are thus significant for antigravity effects, in the approach taken by the present author. In short, we believe Corum et al. are in fact producing significant evidence for a workable approach to unilateral thrust force.

This work by Corum et al. thus is highly promising, is solidly based experimentally, and certainly bears watching closely. We would strongly suggest that Corum et al, analyze their proposed mechanisms and results obtained in terms of supersystem analysis rather than system analysis, using higher group symmetry electrodynamics, and recover and include the long-neglected Heaviside energy flow component.

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