Jean Louis Naudin

Jean-Louis Naudin is a tireless researcher in the fields of COP>1.0 systems and processes, and in the field of lifters, inertial thrusters, and possible antigravity systems. His website is a cornucopia of information, patent references, inventions, processes, and replications or replication attempts by Jean-Louis and others who regularly work on such things and communicate with him. The website is From there, one may click on the various parts of the site and on the links to other sites to gain a wealth of information on these subjects.

His lifter work, including successful replications and instructions on how to build lifters, can be accessed from, and will keep the interested researcher busy for many productive hours. We especially commend Jean-Louis for his extraordinarily important efforts and for making all this work available to researchers worldwide. Once on the site, one is free to choose from a very wide variety of projects, subjects, etc. The information value of this site is very, very high. We consider Naudin's site to be the single best information site on the web for COP>1.0 system information and for the new space propulsion methodology and effort. Necessary links to other related sites of interest are also provided.

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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