Longitudinal EM Waves and Undistorted Progressive Waves

There is a revolution in electrodynamics presently underway, due to the unique characteristics of longitudinal EM waves 05 and pseudolongitudinal EM waves. A summary by Rodrigues and Lu {625} is particularly revealing.

A pure longitudinal EM wave has infinite energy and infinite velocity — i.e., it appears everywhere at once. "Propagation through space" does not apply; instead, one has stumbled into that weird region where spacetime is multiply connected. In the real world, one meets imperfect longitudinal waves — or pseudo-longitudinal EM waves — that still retain a transverse energy density variation residue. These waves are called undistorted progressive waves (UPWs).

Such UPWs can move in space faster than the speed of light. This should not be too surprising, since superluminal velocity of intelligent signals has been positively demonstrated by several researchers in quantum-tunneling experiments. As an example, Nimtz {626} and his colleagues have beamed Mozart's 40th Symphony through a barrier in a waveguide at a speed of 4.7c. So the old notion that information cannot be transported at superluminal velocities is passe. The Fogal semiconductor has been used in experimental transmitter-receiver pairs to demonstrate superluminal transmission, such as TV pictures and programs. Direct signal transmission from earth to satellite back to earth and through many en route amplifiers and processors has been demonstrated by Fogal to occur far beyond the speed of light. Again, theoretical summary papers by Rodrigues et al. {627a-627f} are revealing.

305 We have pointed out a direct way to generate longitudinal EM waves, by simply oscillating the magnitude of the Lorentz self-regauging of a system.

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