Machs Principle

After Heaviside, the next item of interest to us is Mach's principle {503}, which essentially states {504}:

"Theproperties ofspace have no independent existence but depend on the mass content and distribution within it. Thus, acceleration dealt with in Newtonian mechanics can only have meaning ifit is an acceleration with respect to the stars or with respect to something equally well-defined. "

Mach's principle does not adequately deal with spacetime, and certainly does not even acknowledge or encompass how energy exists in 3-space at each point dipole, as an entering flow from the time domain into the negative (charge x time). It does not include transduction by the negative charge into 3-space energy, passage of the 3-energy to the associated positive charge, transduction back into time energy by the positive charge, and re-emission of the transduced time-energy back into the time domain, by the positive charge. In short, Mach's principle will never get one a practical antigravity system, regardless of how one applies the principle.

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