Mechanism for the Antigravity Accelerating the Universes Expansion

Finally, in addition to sorely needed better means of space propulsion, one of the real incentives for antigravity research is provided by the search for a source of the now-established mysterious antigravity that is accelerating the expansion of the universe. Elsewhere in this book we have advanced our own proposal for the mechanism generating that antigravity effect in the cosmos.

Simply put, a very violent astronomical process may be considered a giant and very violent discharge phenomena, since it first involves a giant excitation followed by a giant release (discharge) of that excitation. All such phenomena involve strong broken symmetry during the discharge itself, with the concomitant strong available of causal 4-sources of negative energy and negative energy fields. These processes — in their causal unobserved state - do produce locally strong negative energy EM

fields from the source causal 4-positrons (Dirac sea holes prior to observation as positive mass 3-space positrons having positive energy and reverse-oriented). When the unaccounted and very large Heaviside nondiverged EM energy flow component accompanying every field and particle interaction is accounted, the causal negative "mass-energy" states produce strong antigravity fields, particularly considering the lower frequencies of many of the phenomena.

With the long-neglcctcd Heaviside nondiverged energy component considered and not just the accounted Poynting diverged component, the total amount of negative EM field energy available in these violent process is dramatic. Accordingly, just as was the Sweet VTA in its increased power and its ELF pulsations, these giant astronomical sources are also giant negative "mass-energy" sources and strong antigravity sources as well. In short, such astronomical sources produce strong antigravity components repelling each other across the universe. Hence the observed acceleration of the expanding universe; the violent astronomical phenomena are continually "pulsing" the universe with antigravity and hence continually accelerating its expansion velocity.

In 2000, we also published a proposed mechanism for the source of the excess positive gravity holding the arms of the spiral galaxies intact {542}.

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