Mechanism Generating Flow of a Mass through Time

As we covered in the referenced paragraphs in Chapters 1 and 2, the fundamental generatrix of the flow of a mass through time — and the structuring of that flow — is the total photon interaction with the mass and all its parts. This includes both observable and virtual photon interactions.

As a recapitulation: Mass m does not exist in time, since it is an observable and observation is the imposition of d/dt upon spacetime LLLT, removing the T to give a "frozen LLL snapshot." In short, mass m is an effect (of the iterative very high speed observation process), not a cause (which is an input to the observation process). This is why all observation is 3-spatial rather than spatiotemporal: it yields the 3-space effect (at a given time, of a

290 Note the relationship with such things as time dilation, which represents a broken time-flow symmetry, where net energy flow from the time domain to the 3-space domain occurs. Hence time dilation is associated with the increase of spatial energy, such as kinetic energy due to the relativistic velocity of the moving object.

291 In this book, we have limited our discussion to four dimensions. If we model in five or more dimensions, then additional symmetries and broken symmetries are possible, as are new kinds of multi-dimensional EM waves.

given interaction), not the 4-space cause of the interaction and not the ongoing 4-space interaction.

By absorbing and emitting photons, observed mass m may be said to move through time in a succession of m => mt=> m => mt=> m ... jumps, each involving change of physical state as a photon is absorbed by m, changing it to mt which is nonobservable. Then a photon is re-emitted by mt, changing it back to m and completing another observation with this new m as the output (effect). We note that masstime mt is as different in nature from mass m, as impulse Ft is from force F. In mass m, every tiniest differential dm is also interacting with photons continuously (even though they may be virtual photons), hence dm also exhibits its own "digital flow through time" as a part of the structure of the overall flow of the parent mass through time.

Interaction primarily with the mt state yields wavelike interactions. Interaction primarily with the m state yields particle-like interactions. This is proposed as a possible resolution of the wave-particle duality problem, which has never been resolved but just accepted without further argument. Previous consideration of wave-particle duality has assumed that "mass has two states, one particulate and the other wavelike". We correct that assumption by pointing out that two different "states in which mass exists" are involved, and the two are quite different: one is mass m, and the other is masstime mt. We stress the function of the myriads of virtual photon interactions during an mt state, where an observable photon has not yet been re-emitted. These virtual photon reactions create streams of virtual dm => (dm)dt=> dm => (dm)dt=>. . . . on all the differential parts of mass m, which creates the rich structuring inside the "time-flow" of the overall observable mass m through time. The rich dynamics of the dm -> (dm)dt streams also accounts for the seeming existence of mass m as a set of 4-dynamics which interpret as a set of waves. We note that the emitted photon carries with it the internal structuring of the spatial energy domain and the time-energy domain. Herein we have the basis for the Kaznacheyev's demonstrated electromagnetic induction of cellular damage and disease at a distance.292

Finally, we tentatively assume that, prior to its interaction, the antiphoton carries negative spatial energy and positive time increments, while the photon carries positive spatial energy and positive time increments. In a

292 Vlail Kaznacheyev and L. P. Mikhailova, Ultraweak Radiation in Intercellular Interactions, [in Russian|, Novosibirsk, 1981.

very small region where an excess of antiphoton interactions occurs temporarily, time-reversal occurs and the physics "runs backward". It has recently been experimentally proven that such "reversing" of the physics processes occurs up to micron size and for times up to two seconds. 93

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