Other Research Work and Inventions

While we have given a sort of quick overview of work done in this field, there have been many other patents filed by numerous inventors and additional work done by them. This is a dynamic field and it is moving; the biggest problem is that it is still sorely hampered by highly limited funding and an attitude by much of the scientific community that "if it has not been invented here, it doesn't exist".

In the table in Figure 8-3 below, we list some of the pertinent patent numbers for reference, with the emphasis on U.S. Patents. The Naudin website previously referenced has a great deal of information on these thrusters and lifters, including instructions for building and testing several of the simpler proof-of-principle versions. There are links to other sites with even more information. Naudin also includes the results of his successful replication and testing of a variety of these devices and inventions, as well as the successful replication by other experimenters. Naudin also gives construction instructions and information on some of these, so that independent researchers can build test units and test them if desired.

For those researchers interested in pursuing this area further, we would heartily recommend a determined search on the Internet, using Google (www.google.com) as their search engine. A good place to start is JeanLouis Naudin's web site, and then run the cross-links. The combination will turn up quite an amount of specific material, from which the individual researcher can choose which approach and experimental method he wishes to pursue.

Figure 8-3.

Selected Inertial Propulsion System Patents

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Jonathan W. Campbell, "Apparatus and Method for Generating Thrust Using a Two Dimensional, Asymmetrical Capacitor Module," U. S. Patent # 6,317,310 Bl, Nov. 13, 2001. Assigned to U.S. Government.

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