Proposed Time Reversal Zones and Effects

0ne may take the view that true negative resistance involves time-reversal, which by the Pauli exclusion principle is permitted for bosons {685} and possibly for fermions in even numbers, acting as quasi-bosons (perhaps only possible in a time-reversed zone). The present author proposed a photon interaction mechanism for the "flow of a mass through time" in 1971, with initial publication occurring two years later {686}.

Extending this mechanism, the author proposed that time reversal zones (TRZs) can occur in momentary local regions in semiconducting materials or electrolytes {687}. In a TRZ, the law of attraction and repulsion of charges is hypothesized to be momentarily reversed due to time-stress or time-domain pumping {688}, and like charges may momentarily attract. In Chapter 10, we used these time-reversal zones to explain the anomalous results of the 600 or so successful cold fusion experiments worldwide. We also gave the exact new nuclear reactions for the production of anomalous deuterium, tritium, and alpha particles in many of these experiments.

When under strong stress, anomalous attraction of clusters of like charges is experimentally known, e.g. in Shoulders' {689} experiments and patented processes {690}. When the output leads of Sweet's vacuum triode amplifier device were suddenly shorted, extreme cooling occurred rather than heating. Ice condensed instantly upon the shorting contact and leads from the sudden extreme cooling of the metal in the moisture in the air, dramatically showing a converging EM energy process rather than a diverging one.

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