Reordering of the Local Vacuum Giant Negentropy

A giant negentropic reordering of a fraction of the surrounding vacuum's energy is initiated when a dipole or charge is formed. This reordering is deterministic, and is the 4-flow energetic structure shown by Whittaker {85}, slightly reinterpreted, with perfect coordination of the converging EM energy inflow in the complex plane with the outflowing converted real EM energy in 3-space. Hence this negentropic reordering introduces "hidden order" into the vacuum's otherwise disordered energy. This reordering of a fraction of the vacuum's disordered energy also changes the Gibbs statistics assumed in quantum mechanics, replacing it with an "already chaotic" statistics containing hidden order. We propose this as a possible contribution toward resolving the presently unsolved problem of the missing chaos in quantum mechanics {200}.

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