Russian Parametric Oscillator Power Systems

In leading physics institutes and laboratories in the 1930s, Russian scientists built COP>1.0 parametric oscillators, including some of appreciable size. The work is documented in the literature {362a-k}, both in Russia and in France. The devices were developed and tested in several Russian laboratories. With linear loads, the oscillators would progressively build to self-destruction. With nonlinear loads, the devices would stabilize and power themselves and their loads, at a level depending on conditions — reminiscent of the behavior shown in Figure 4-3 in Chapter 4 for stability COP>1.0 levels for the asymmetrical self-regauging process.

Standard references for parametric oscillation in EM circuits are available. However, with standard practices none of these conventional oscillators produces COP>1.0, primarily because the conventional closed current loop circuit is applied without special modifications. For overunity work, the

163 Apparently, tests of such QP capabilities in weaponry have been gingerly conducted for direct induction of disease patterns in the population of a targeted nation or area. One symptom of such a test is that a very small number of widely isolated cases of the same disease breaks out simultaneously, in isolated cases scattered widely and puzzlingly throughout the population, without the possibility of any direct carrier vector connection. Apparently, the test inductions have deliberately been held mostly to the "shadow state" (or upper virtual state, just below observable state) in most of the targeted populace, to prevent giving away the tests. However, the human immune system and cellular regenerative system do respond to such "near-observable-state" signals and engines, when sustained or repeated in time, by a sort of coherent addition (integration) over time. The bell-shaped distribution curve predicts that a few individuals, randomly scattered throughout the populace, will have quite lower induction thresholds and will evidence the actual disease after a certain time, whereas in almost all the other members of that population the "disease" will never evidence in the observable state during that time. The test is deliberately terminated when only a few observable cases occur, which are sufficient to prove the efficacy of the test and the method.

Russian and French literature (as we referenced) should be meticulously studied and analyzed in a higher group symmetry electrodynamics, to see how the Lorentz condition is broken during discharge of circuit excitation energy in the load, and how the COP>1.0 Dirac hole current decay mechanism is avoided or contained.

The Russian COP>1.0 parametric oscillation work appears to have been suppressed by the Communist regime just prior to WW II. After the war, all such technology passed under the rigid control of the KGB (by whatever name it took and takes from time to time) and into the special weapons research and development area — still highly classified in Russia. We know of no similar work presently ongoing in the West, although at least an English translation of one of the major summary documents of the Russian parametric oscillation COP>1.0 power system developments was performed under NASA auspices {363}. However, in conventional U.S. parametric oscillation research, I know of no case where COP>1.0 operation is being sought, or where the Dirac sea hole current decay mechanism is even mentioned or recognized {364}.

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Getting Started With Solar

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