Self Powered Magnetohydrodynamic Motors

Interesting self-powered magnetohydrodynamic motor work has been shown by Bednarek {424}. He shows a multi-branch rotor in a galvanic cell composed of sulphuric acid electrolyte with copper and zinc electrodes. The unit develops an emf of about 1 volt, with the rotor placed in a vertical magnetic field such as from a large rectangular permanent magnet, where the field of the magnet is a few teslas in strength. The electrolyte and the rotor revolve in opposite directions. To change the direction of revolution of the rotor, the magnetic field direction is reversed. A linear self-powered magnetohydrodynamic motor is also shown, and has a similar principle of operation.

The interesting point is that these motors work, but less efficiently, when a water solution of table salt is used as the electrolyte. With the worldwide availability of seawater, this becomes an interesting possibility of "renewable energy" application. We leave it to the reader to further investigate this proven experimental technology as desired and to determine its practicality.

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