Some Magnetic Processes of Interest

There are some 200 or more magnetic effects in the literature, and only about half of them are well understood. Of the remaining half, some are

182 Bedini and the present author have filed a patent application upon this exact mechanism and process, and typical embodiments for accomplishing it. Bedini discovered the effect and used it for two or more decades, and after some intense struggle with the problem I was able to find the exact technical mechanism, including literature justification. This becomes a system to close-loop a "unitary" type of C0P>1.0 system, which is covered in the patent application also. A different system can be used to close-loop a non-unitary C0P>1.0 system, and that method is contained in the second MEG-type patent application of my four colleagues and I who invented the motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG).

partially understood and some are not understood at all. The COP>1.0 researcher interested in magnetic systems would do well to study magnetic materials science {422a-422c}, known magnetic effects, and particularly those magnetic effects that are still anomalous such as in leading edge superconductivity research. The new area of spintronics {423}, e.g., is rapidly advancing and will have future impact on COP>1.0 magnetic systems. We do not further discuss spintronics in this book, but merely call this rapidly emerging area to the attention of the interested COP>1.0 researcher.183

Let us examine a very few magnetic effects of interest, as a sampling of what we are referring to.

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