Suppression of Free Energy Systems Has Been Common

This is only one of many cases we know of where such suppression of overunity systems and inventors has been accomplished. Others are not so benign. Marinov was killed with a longitudinal EM wave shooter in Europe, and his body was thrown off a building to make it appear a suicide. The police allowed the body to lie on the pavement for a protracted time (it was emitting longitudinal EM waves from the time-charging action of the strike). When finally moved, the pavement glowed in that area that had been underneath the body. Only one weapon on earth will kill a person in that manner, and that is a longitudinal EM wave "shooter".

Another prominent researcher was killed with a Venus technique (look it up, it's a distortion of the wave front) modified beam that plunges the heart into violent fibrillations. He rushed from a restaurant exclaiming, "They're killing me!" and died of a resulting heart attack. The present author was hit with just such a weapon in a restaurant here in Huntsville. A friend and I actually saw the weapon and the person wielding it. Knowing what it was and recognizing the symptoms, my seated companion and I were able to bolt out of the nearby back door during that minute or so we could still physically function. I personally saw the device and the person doing the beaming, and I have a witness to the event.

The partner of a colleague in Australia was killed on an upper floor by such a shooter from the street below, right through the walls. The assassin was observed, and was seen putting the bazooka-sized shooter back in his car, then speeding away. There are many other true incidents we could also relate, including a person killed by an ice-dart dipped in curare (a very professional hit method, used by some of the sinister arms of various intelligence systems). So there is more than just scientific work involved in pursuing COP>1.0 EM power systems. There can also be a direct threat to one's life, essentially at any time.

Almost any serious overunity researcher, who succeeds, will have had confrontations with assassination attempts, suppression attempts, threats, deliberate legal entanglements, etc. The present author is no exception. It is sad that one of the prerequisites for serious scientific work in this area is often a legal gun permit (for both the inventor and his wife) and either legally carrying a hidden weapon or never being very far from a weapon when working at home. As an old soldier, of course, one just shrugs and accepts it, and gets on with the job to the best of one's ability, albeit remaining very watchful and always on guard.

5.10 In Conclusion

In this chapter we have introduced many of the approaches to COP>1.0 EM systems or processes, or the possibility for such in some novel mechanisms known in science. Recalling our previously presented solution to the source charge problem, we emphasize to the reader that all assumed 3 - space EM processes are actually 4-space processes prior to observation, continually observed in iteratively frozen 3-snapshots by iteratively invoking the d/dt operator that produces observation. Hence from the source charge (and source dipole) solution we realize that all EM energy in

3-space comes from the time-domain and returns to the time domain. It iteratively appears along the "line of propagation" in 3-space at each successive position, but does not continuously propagate in 3-space. It does continuously propagate in 4-space. Since all the EM energy in any EM circuit comes from the time domain via the broken symmetry of the source charges and source dipoles, then we need to apply this greater vision to the COP>1.0 mechanisms and approaches so that we see the

4-space to 3-space to 4-space interplays.

The notion of the negative resistor is particularly significant and direct in that respect, and we have presented several versions of true negative resistors. For those wishing to experiment, we would suggest the easiest thing to start with is the point contact transistor. Or, simply go to Naudin's website {313} and download his instructions for making a Chung-type negative resistor, build it, and do experiments with it by varying the pressure on the fibers etc.

Again, we have not presented "parts kits" with instructions, but we have presented things that have worked or can reasonably be expected to work with some effort. We have also discussed the principles involved, to the best of our ability. In a few cases, we have directed the reader to information on websites where building instructions for selected negative resistors and other devices are posted.

As in any other scientific endeavor, we also urge the interested reader to read the literature and check the references cited, or as many as possible. Increasing one's understanding of the area is necessary to increase one's probability of success in the area.

We also wish the reader good results and success in his or her research and experimenting. The energy crisis is not going to go away, and the demand for oil will double in the lifetime of many of our middle-aged or younger readers. The cheap oil peaks shortly and declines in availability forever thereafter {342}; this alone will drive up the price of oil and seriously impact the economies of the nations of the world. To keep from destroying the world economy and the biosphere, it is absolutely essential that C0P>1.0 electrical power systems — including self-powering systems taking their input energy from the seething local vacuum — be developed to produce the necessary electrical energy needs of the world, cheaply, cleanly, and easily.

If one or more of the readers should succeed in developing and producing such systems, then the entire purpose of this book will have been fulfilled.

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