T Townsend Brown

Our first example is the work of T. Townsend Brown. Brown was working on a "gravitor" before he finished high school, and continued work in electrogravitation throughout his life. Space is a dielectric, and Brown reasoned that the displacement current in a capacitor dielectric could influence the space dielectric itself.216 Hence he built, tested, and patented several variations of lifting devices based on this concept {517a-517e}. Essentially, he found that certain high capacitance dielectrics could be subjected to high voltage (50 to 300 kilovolts), and would exhibit thrust in the direction from the negative to the positive pole.

Here we point out our contention that all EM energy in space comes from the time domain via the negative charge, and re-enters the time domain via the positive charge. This is consistent with Brown's finding. Although he demonstrated many such lifting and thrusting devices, Brown was never able to obtain sufficient financial and scientific backing to bring a practical embodiment of his inventions into practice. His work, however, has been replicated by multiple experimenters, including NASA researchers (see below) and several researchers contributing results to Jean-Louis Naudin's website http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/lifters.htm.

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