Teslas Shuttling of Potential Energy and Barretts Extension

See Figures 4-4 and 4-5 in Chapter 4. In his patented circuits, Tesla accomplished the novel function of "shuttling" the potential itself (and therefore potential energy) around in the circuit at will. This startling function accomplished by Tesla is impossible to see in a conventional vector or tensor analysis of his patented circuits, but it is clearly evident in a higher symmetry EM analysis of them. So it does not appear in the conventional texts, which use vectors or tensors for their circuit analyses. Barrett, one of the leading higher group symmetry electrodynamicists and also one of the pioneers of ultrawideband radar, utilized quaternion electrodynamic analysis to clearly show this novel effect in Tesla's actual circuits {285}. Thus, Tesla was able to produce and move around asymmetrical self-regauging in his circuits, wherever he wished. That has been totally missed by scientists prior to Barrett's revealing analysis.

Barrett then went on to extend Tesla's basic mechanism and employ it for communication and radar purposes, obtaining two patents {286a-b}.

It would appear that use of such shuttling techniques is probably applicable to reducing the back emf in conventional nonshuttling circuits, leading to new COP>1.0 mechanisms. The definitive answer remains to be determined by some future researcher.

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